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What are Fresh Frozen Diamonds?

Diamonds are THC concentrates made with freshly-harvested flash-frozen cannabis to help preserve the integrity of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes. These concentrates are the most potent of them all, offering up to 99.9% THC when dabbed! 

How strong are Fresh Frozen Diamonds?

Fresh Frozen Diamonds are the strongest type of concentrate there is. They contain up to 99.9% THC!

What are some types of concentrates?

There are many types of THC concentrates, but some of the most popular include live resin, live rosin, crumble, budder, and wax.

Spoiler alert: we have them all!

Are THC concentrates made for dabbing?

Yes! For anyone interested in dabbing then we highly recommend trying some of our concentrates! We think you will love them!

What is a THC concentrate?

THC concentrates are the ultimate way to dab. They contain robust, potent, terpenes and cannabinoids in extremely high concentrations. They come in several forms, including wax, sauce, crumble, and diamond, for a perfect, potent buzz! 

Can you eat THC concentrate?

No. Eating raw THC concentrate will not give you the benefits of THC, including any psychoactive effects. It won't cause any major adverse effects, but there's no point in eating it. Instead, try dabbing it, adding it to your flower in a bong or joint, or infusing it into foods and drinks beforehand.

How does THCA concentrate make you feel?

THCA, which turns into THC when heated, in concentrate form will make you feel super potent psychoactive effects. Not only does THCA give you the same effects as THC when heated, but in concentrate form, it provides the strongest buzz of them all. 

Why choose THCA concentrate?

THCA concentrate is perfect for those looking for incredibly potent psychoactive effects. A little dab goes a long way, meaning you get to feel higher while using less product. Talk about a bang for your buck! 

Do THC concentrates get you high?

Yes, THC concentrates are among the strongest cannabis products because they are made with extremely high THC concentrates. They won't just get you high, they'll get you higher for longer than other cannabis products. 

What is THCA live resin wax?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate produced from fresh, frozen plants, capturing the plant's complete range of cannabinoids and terpenes. The process involves using solvents to extract these compounds directly from the frozen plant material.

Does live resin have THC and THCA?

Yes, live resin wax contains THC and THCA as well as a myriad of other cannabis compounds including terpenes. That said, under the federal Farm Bill, THCA live resin wax cannot contain more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis. Don't worry, though, THCA turns into THC when heated! 

How strong is THCA live resin wax?

THCA live resin wax is a potent form of THC concentrate. Typically, it can contain between 60% to 90% THCA, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a potent experience.

What is THCA live rosin?

THCA live rosin, also known as live hash rosin, is liquid gold! This type of concentrate is highly favored by enthusiasts for its potency and flavor. The term 'live' indicates that this premium product is crafted from fresh frozen plant material.

How to use THCA live rosin?

THCA live rosin can be enjoyed in multiple ways, including smoking, vaping, or dabbing.

What are THCA diamonds?

THCA diamonds are a type of concentrate containing high levels of THCA. They form in crystal form and are potent and pure cannabis concentrates!

How to smoke THCA diamonds?

The most ideal way to smoke THCA diamonds is by dabbing. This requires a dabbing rig. You can also, however, layer your diamonds with flower in a bong or pipe. 

How are THCA diamonds made?

THCA diamonds are made in what's known as a closed-loop extraction method. A liquid solvent is used to separate THCA and terpenes from the plant material. Once the solvent is purged throughout a couple of days, the concentrate hardens in the shape of diamonds. 

What is THCA crumble?

THCA crumble stands out in the cannabis concentrate market due to its unique texture and form. The name "crumble" comes from its delicate and crumbly consistency, similar to honeycomb or dry feta cheese, but with lower moisture content. Known for its potency, high THC levels, and aromatic properties, this concentrate has gained popularity among connoisseurs of high-quality cannabis products.

How strong is THCA sugar crumble?

THCA sugar crumble is exceptionally potent. Its THC levels can reach upwards of 90% when dabbed or heated. Though it's not the most potent of all our concentrates, crumble certainly has a kick.

How strong is THCA live rosin?

THCA live rosin typically contains about 70-85% THCA and boasts a high concentration of terpenes. As a result, rosin is a highly potent cannabis extract, with terpene and cannabinoid profiles that closely resemble those of freshly harvested flower.