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Browse our CBD for Cats, an exclusive collection of all-natural, hemp-derived cannabinoids for cats available in a variety of flavors and strengths.  
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Customer Reviews

My cat refused to consume anything with the veterinarian prescribed Prozac for her anxiety. I decided to try this CBD product on her treats. She's been taking it for 2 months, and is a calm cat that has stopped over grooming herself bald, and stopped beating up our other cat
I buy this upon the recommendation of the shelter I got my rescue cat from. She has some issues with anxiety and I think these help. She also loves the taste despite being a picky eater.
My cat loves it, and it's so much easier to dose than Prozac, which the cat smelled and tasted no matter how I tried disguising it. This CBD oil is fully accepted by my pet, and I just put a dropper full on her treats and she munches them right down. She has stopped chewing her fur, and picking on the other cat. I'm very happy with this product, and plan to continue buying it.

Common Questions

Your Kitty Will Love CBD Treats for Cats!

CBD treats for cats is the next big thing that’s hitting the market for cat parents! We know how it is: your cat is a little prince or princess, and they deserve only the finest. At Diamond CBD, we’re committed to providing high-quality CBD products that will help your kitty relax and feel great.

While you're enjoying your delta 8 vape or your CBD gummies, shouldn't your purr-fect pet have something they love too? 

Our CBD for cats is available in different flavors and strengths, so you’re sure to find just the right product for your fur baby.

If your cat suffers from anxiety, joint pain, or inflammation, CBD treats for cats could be just the thing to improve their wellness and quality of life! Kitties love the delicious flavors of CBD cat treats we offer at Diamond, and you’ll love the wonderful effects they have on your cat.

What Is CBD for Cats?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that occurs naturally in hemp. When extracted, it has shown many positive effects on both humans and animals. 

While CBD shares many characteristics with traditional cannabis, CBD and THC are two distinct chemicals, with different effects.

Our CBD for cats features high-quality, lab-tested CBD isolate, infused into delicious cat treats. Our CBD cat treats come in a variety of flavors that your cat is sure to love!

Cat owners in particular notice benefits like reduced anxiety, pain relief, and better joint health when giving CBD to their cat. All of our CBD cat products are offered in the form of delicious treats, so it’s easy to give your cat the right amount of CBD.

Are CBD Treats for Cats Safe?

Yes! CBD treats for cats have demonstrated many benefits, but no consistent negative side effects. However, it’s important to make sure your CBD cat treats are high quality, and contain only CBD Isolate. (Just like Diamond CBD’s products!) 

Because Diamond CBD cat treats contain only CBD isolate, our cat products do not contain any THC. That means no munchies for your cat, just the serene, calming effects of pure CBD!

Make sure you give your cat the correct dosage of CBD, depending on their body weight.

How much CBD should I give my cat?

  • 5 pounds or less: 1mg
  • 5-10 pounds: 2mg - 3mg
  • 10-15 pounds: 3mg - 4mg
  • 15-20 pounds: 4mg - 6mg

If you would like a stronger dose, feel free to experiment with larger amounts, but we don’t recommend giving your cat more than 0.5mg per pound of body weight. Too much CBD for cats can sometimes cause excessive thirst or an upset stomach, so make sure you’re not giving your fur friend too much!

How Does CBD for Cats work?

When cats consume CBD products, their bodies metabolize them similarly to humans. The digestion process begins in the stomach after the CBD treat is consumed, and cannabidiol is extracted from it. The extracted CBD is then sent to the liver via the bloodstream for further metabolism.

Once the liver has metabolized the CBD, it is sent back to the brain via the bloodstream, and positive effects can be noticed in your cat. Typically, this process takes around 30 minutes, but may take up to an hour, depending on the size of the cat. The effects of CBD should last for 4-6 hours, depending on the dosage administered. After this period, it is safe to give your feline friend another CBD treat.

How To Choose the Right CBD for Cats

Our CBD treats for cats differ in flavor, and dosage. If your cat is on the younger or smaller side, we’d recommend a lower dosage. However, it’s easy to cut a higher-dose treat into smaller portions, so pick whichever flavor you think your cat would like best! 

A great option for smaller cats is these CBD Cat Treats with tartar control, with the added benefit of tartar control! For a larger cat, check out these 300mg Seafood Medley CBD cat treats, with a flavor that’s sure to get your cat yowling for more!

Benefits of CBD for Cats

CBD has shown to have many positive effects for both humans and cats, making it a popular supplement for feline health. Our CBD treats are specifically formulated for cats and can provide various physical and mental benefits.

CBD has calming effects, aids in pain control, and boosts overall wellness. Many cat owners use it to promote joint health and reduce inflammation, while others use it to alleviate anxiety in their furry friends. CBD treats may have a calming effect on cats and can be particularly useful for anxious cats. Additionally, some cat owners use CBD to manage arthritis and seizure disorders in their cats. Overall, CBD for cats is a natural and safe supplement that may improve your cat's quality of life.

Benefits of CBD treats for cats include:

  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Calming effects
  • Improved joint health

Whatever you're looking for, CBD has proven itself to cat owners across the world as an all-natural remedy for many common issues. Diamond CBD’s CBD for cats is just the thing your kitty needs in his or her life, and with several mouth watering varieties, your cat will want to try them all!