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Shop our deliciously strong THCP Gummies. Up to 33x stronger than regular D9, these gummies are a real treat for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts! 
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This CBD blend helps me with stress and pain. I find that one gets what one pays for when it comes to this stuff. And it’s effects last longer than those of less-expensive stuff. .
I enjoyed the gummies they are a bit pricey though overall l had a great experience with this particular product
First I would like to shout out to the good customer service, support and fast shipping of Diamond CBD. I had purchased something from them previously and that was positive and they let me order another product wren one of their tinctures would not affect me even taking droppers full with no effects. Contacted Diamond after givg the rest of the tincture to a friend who it affected as advertised. But I got a vape I knew worked for me at no additional expense. Now to the Fantasy Mushroom 400mg bag with, D8, D9, Thcp and regular non active but healthy mushroom extracts. I have a rather high tolerance. I've had pnut budder cups 15 mg D9 which i found effective. I'm familiar with all the substances and know how I have reactedto each and some in combination.. These are 5.6 - 6.2 gm gummies so dividing each gummie is easy and I think you will know how or if you divide a probably relatively equivalent to what dose you want. I took a whole one and waited 45 min and I was getting buzzed. so I figured the D9/D8 dosages felt correct. It wasn't until I ate 1 1/2 more gummies that I could feel a boost and the THCP begin to make it's presence felt by me. When I tried other products with THCP I didn't notice any extra zing from the THCP. This 2mg dose is very light hardly any perceptable improvement. Now for me and other THCP products all didn't kick in til 5 mg. Companies need to add a 3 mg or even 4 of the THCP in a gummie. After 2 1/2gummiesI was feeling it very much and it lasted a long time. I would say it was a strong effect, and cranked but then had a long gradual comedown with no after affects for me. I was satisfied at the sale price I paid for these Fantasy Gummies and subjectively I would say that all psycho active molecules are present and close to other D9 10 mg products I've had. And 25mg (2 1/2 gummies)THC product felt stronger due to the THCP I would say.

Common Questions

THCP Gummies - Fun Tenfold 

THCP gummies are your ticket to a delicious world of bliss, euphoria, and super strong psychoactive effects. 

As cannabis enthusiasts continue to explore new and exciting compounds, THCP has emerged as a potent alternative to traditional THC products. 

THCP gummies offer a new and exciting way to experience the powerful effects of this unique cannabinoid, and with a rumored potency much higher than that of delta 9 products, THCP gummies are not for the faint of heart. 

What is THCP?

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, commonly known as THCP, is a recently discovered cannabinoid that has garnered significant attention within the scientific and cannabis communities for its intense psychoactive effects.

First identified in 2019 by a team of Italian researchers, THCP was found in a strain of cannabis known as FM2. 

This discovery marked a significant milestone in cannabis research, unveiling a cannabinoid that is structurally similar to THC but possesses a much longer alkyl side chain, consisting of seven carbon atoms compared to THC's five.

Found only in trace amounts in some cannabis strains, THCP is one of over 140 phytocannabinoids that exist naturally in hemp and marijuana plants. 

When we say trace amounts, we really mean trace amounts of THCP exist naturally. Some plants contain THCP levels of well bellow 0.1%. For scale, THC exists in concentrations of 25-30% in marijuana plants, while CBD concentrations range between 20% and 30% in hemp plants. 

THCP: What We Know About It So Far

Since its discovery, THCP has been the subject of extensive research aimed at understanding its properties and potential applications. 

What sets THCP apart from other cannabinoids is its affinity for the CB1 receptors in the brain, which is believed to be up to 33 times stronger than that of delta 9 THC. 

This heightened affinity means that THCP can produce much more pronounced effects even at lower doses. Studies have shown that THCP induces effects similar to THC, such as euphoria, relaxation, and altered perception, but with greater intensity.

Researchers are also exploring the therapeutic potential of THCP, given its potency and the increasing interest in cannabinoids for medical use. 

However, as with any new compound, more research is needed to fully understand its benefits and potential side effects. 

The discovery of THCP has opened new avenues for cannabinoid research and has spurred the development of various THCP-infused products, including gummies, vapes, and tinctures.

In addition to its powerful effects, THCP's unique structure may offer distinct advantages in terms of bioavailability and therapeutic potential. 

This ongoing research continues to shed light on the possibilities and limitations of THCP, making it an exciting frontier in the world of cannabinoids.

Do THCP Gummies Get You Stoned?

Yes, THCP gummies can get you stoned.

Due to the high potency of THCP, these gummies can produce strong psychoactive effects that are much more intense than those experienced with delta 9 THC. 

Users report feelings of euphoria, deep relaxation, and heightened sensory perception. 

The onset of effects can vary depending on individual metabolism and the amount consumed, but generally, the effects of THCP gummies can be felt within 30 minutes to an hour after ingestion and can last for several hours.

It's important to approach THCP gummies with caution, especially for first-time users or those with a lower tolerance to THC. 

Starting with a lower dose and gradually increasing it can help mitigate the risk of experiencing overwhelming effects. As with all cannabis products, it's crucial to consume THCP gummies in a safe and controlled environment to fully enjoy their benefits without adverse reactions.

The potency of THCP means that even experienced cannabis users might find the effects of THCP gummies to be unexpectedly strong. 

THCP vs. Delta 9: A Comparison

THCP and delta 9 share many similarities in their effects, but the key difference lies in their potency. 

THCP is significantly stronger than delta 9, which means that even a small amount of THCP can produce effects that are much more intense. 

Both cannabinoids interact with the body's endocannabinoid system, binding to CB1 receptors in the brain, which results in the psychoactive effects that users seek.


The effects of THCP include euphoria, relaxation, pain relief, and altered perception, which are also common with delta 9. 

However, because THCP binds more efficiently to CB1 receptors, these effects are amplified. This makes THCP a compelling option for users looking for a more potent experience or for those who require higher doses of cannabinoids for therapeutic purposes.

Duration of Effects

Another notable difference is the duration of the effects. 

While delta 9 gummies typically produce effects that last for a few hours, the effects of THCP can last longer due to its higher potency and stronger binding affinity. 

This extended duration can be beneficial for medical users who need long-lasting relief, but it also necessitates careful dosing to avoid prolonged psychoactive effects that might interfere with daily activities.

Side Effects

Moreover, THCP may offer a different side effect profile compared to delta 9. 

Some users report that THCP's effects are more clear-headed and less anxiety-inducing than delta 9, which could make it a preferable option for those sensitive to the latter's side effects. 

This comparison underscores the unique attributes of THCP and highlights the importance of personalized cannabis experiences.

THCP Gummies vs. Other THCP Products

When comparing THCP gummies to other THCP products such as smokables and vapes, several factors come into play. 

THCP gummies offer a discrete and convenient way to consume THCP, making them ideal for users who prefer not to smoke or vape. 

Gummies provide a consistent dosage, which can be easier to manage, especially for beginners or those who need precise dosing for medical reasons.

In contrast, THCP smokables and vapes offer a more immediate onset of effects due to the rapid absorption of THCP through the lungs. 

This can be advantageous for users seeking quick relief from symptoms or for those who prefer the ritual of smoking or vaping. 

However, the effects of smokables and THCP disposable vapes or THCP carts are typically shorter-lived compared to edibles like gummies, which release THCP more slowly into the bloodstream through digestion.

Additionally, smokables and vapes can be harsher on the lungs and throat, which may be a concern for some users. 

Gummies provide a gentler alternative, eliminating the need for inhalation and reducing the risk of respiratory irritation. Ultimately, the choice between THCP gummies and other THCP products depends on personal preference, lifestyle, and desired effects.

THCP Gummies - Ready for a Trip?

THCP gummies are an exciting advancement in the world of cannabinoids, offering a potent and convenient option for both recreational and medical users. 

As research on THCP continues to expand, we are likely to discover even more about its potential benefits and applications. Whether you're new to cannabinoids or a seasoned user, THCP gummies provide a delicious and effective way to experience the powerful effects of this unique compound. 

Always start with a low dose, and enjoy your journey into the world of THCP with caution and curiosity!