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I use this product for relaxing my muscles. I went 20 years with a torn rotator before knowing and having surgery. This has reduced the inflammation and tight muscles around my shoulders and neck. It’s been very helpful.
I keep purchasing because they are awesome, The price could be a bit lower ..............
I keep purchasing because they are awesome, The price could be a bit lower ..............

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Delta 8 Smokable Products: Puff, Pass, Buzz

The popularity of delta 8 has grown exponentially over the past few years as many people across the globe learn about the cannabinoid’s myriad benefits. It’s becoming as popular as delta 9 these days. High atop the reasons for this is that, unlike its more famous cousin THC, delta 8 is federally legal. Users can experience the benefits of this fantastic compound anytime, anywhere. During any high-stress situation where they need to relax and calm down, they can grab some delta 8 THC without worry. And that includes one of the compound’s most popular forms, delta 8 smokables.

Numerous polls released over the past few years have shown that Americans continue to embrace cannabinoids, especially psychoactive ones like delta 8. But while edible products are among the most popular, with delta 8 gummies atop that list,l more and more consumers are turning to another form of delta 8 — delta 8 smokables. Whether they’re using whole flower delta 8 products or delta 8 disposable vapes and delta 8 carts, these smokables are growing in popularity. Why? For many reasons. 

So, let’s learn about delta 8 smokable products.

What Are Delta 8 Smokables?

Delta 8 THC is the world’s first cannabinoid that offers users an utterly legal high (though it’s not the last). Its purest form is a debased form of THC (the Delta-9 kind), but it becomes much better when it matures into Delta-8. It gives you a smooth, subtle experience unlike anything you’ve ever tried. Delta 8 feels like floating on the clouds. But the question remains, can it help you fall asleep on those clouds?

Smokable delta 8 may seem obvious in how it works, but it is a bit complicated once you dig deep. Sure, you can roll your bud into a joint or blunt or stick some in your proverbial pipe and smoke it. But there’s so much more to delta 8 smokable products than you think. Delta 8 vapes, for instance, fall in this category too. Vaping is a bit more technical. So grab some delta 10 and let’s learn something.

What Are the Different Types of Delta 8 Smokables?

Several types of delta 8 smokables are available on the market today, including vaping products and more traditional flower products. They include:

  • Delta 8 disposable vapes (vape pens)
  • Delta 8 vape carts
  • Delta 8 pre-rolls
  • Delta 8 kief pre-rolls
  • Delta 8 flower

Delta 8 Smokable Products: Vaping vs. Smoking

But what’s the difference between smoking and vaping cannabis aside from the obvious? Are the two terms interchangeable? Will you experience the same effects at the end of the day? After all, a high is high, right?

Not necessarily. Now keep up, especially if you want to be the next pot Whiz around here. While smoking or vaping cannabis is one of the fastest ways to catch a buzz, with THC going through your lungs and directly into your bloodstream, both vaping and smoking work a bit differently. Recent research shows that vaping cannabis will produce a much stronger high than smoking it. One study showed that vaping resulted in users feeling about 7% higher than those who smoked THC products.

The Benefits of Delta 8 Smokables

Studies show delta 8 has several benefits besides a legal high, including a few wellness benefits. Notably, oral inhalation provides the highest bioavailability of any delivery method. More than that, delta 8 smokables have several advantages over other administration methods, such as edibles or oils. It’s the same for all smokables, including HHC, THCH, Delta 11, and THCP

Bioavailability measures the percentage of delta 8 THC in the product that enters your bloodstream. Short of injecting delta 8 directly into your veins, you won’t achieve a higher bioavailability than vaping. Almost anything that you eat be it oil or edible or something else —loses a significant amount of potency as they are absorbed into the fatty tissues in your digestive system. 

Delta 8 Smokables and Onset Time

Delta 8 Smokable Products have the fastest onset time of any route of ingestion. Onset time is the time it takes to start feeling the physical effects of delta 8 (how long does it take to get high?). Whereas the D8 in edibles and other products takes time to work its way into your bloodstream, vapor, when inhaled, enters the bloodstream almost instantly. Many delta 8 users with sudden onset issues such as anxiety cite onset time as a significant factor in their decision to go with vaping over edibles. 

Which Delta 8 Smokable Is Right for Me?

There are many different delta 8 smokable products available on the market. And many of them come in different flavors and strains. How do they compare? And which one is right for you? Let’s take a look.

Which Delta 8 Smokable Product Is Right for Me?


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Delta 8 Smokables: Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

If you want a classic high that takes you back, Delta 8 whole-flower hemp in the form of a delta 8 pre-roll is perfect. Made with or without kief, they have an all-natural earthy taste with a smooth high that’s perfect for hanging out with friends. The best part about pre-rolls is that they’re pre-rolled—no fumbling around with buds or papers. You get a beautiful, pre-rolled joint that’s ready to go.

Delta 8 pre-rolls come straight from the plant. It’s one of the few times you can guarantee you’re purchasing the most natural product. These smokables are free from additives or chemicals you don’t want in your system. On top of that, all strains are lab-tested for quality control and safety. Each lab report is available for you to inspect as part of our satisfaction guarantee.

Delta 8 Smokables: Delta 8 Disposable Vapes

Delta 8 disposable vapes are some of the most popular smokable products on the market today. Available in any number of flavors and strains, these easy-to-use vapes come pre-packed with vape juice and a battery. Commonly known as a vape pen, you simply open the box and inhale. When it’s done, you toss it out and grab another. There’s no need to refill it or recharge it.

Delta 8 disposable vapes give you a euphoric high. But they also have wellness benefits. Because vapes offer users instant gratification — there’s no waiting for the effects to take hold like edibles — many consumers prefer delts 8 disposable vapes for their wellness needs. Some benefits users may feel from Delta 8 disposable vapes include:

  • Stress Relief
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Appetite Stimulation
  • Sleepiness
  • Euphoria
  • And more!

Delta 8 Smokables: Delta 8 Carts

Unlike disposable vapes, delta 8 carts require a 510-compatible battery to heat the liquid. These carts are cylindrical, pre-filled tanks that attach to your battery. While the delta 8 carts themselves are disposable, your battery typically is not. Delta 8 carts are much like delta 8 disposable vapes, though the 510-compatible battery offers more power.

Delta 8 vape carts are very easy to use. You simply twist the cart onto your battery tightly. Depending on your model, you may have to press a button to activate it. If not, just inhale and enjoy.  

You delta 8 cartridges will have four critical pieces:

  • Chamber - the area of the cart that is pre-filled with vape liquid.
  • Atomizer - the part that heats the liquid, turning it into vapor.
  • Mouthpiece - the part where you inhale.
  • Battery - the part that makes everything work.

Delta 8 Smokables: Final Takeaway

Whether you’re a traditionalist who prefers flower products like delta 8 pre-rolls or a contemporary cannabis who likes to have some electricity flowing through your vapes, the world of delta 8 smokeables has something for everyone. So come check out our delta 8 smokable products today and see what’s best for you!