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What Makes Our
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From ingredients and categories to experiences and safety measures, find out why customers love our products.

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Products Made To Be Enjoyed Your Way

Whether you smoke, eat, drop, or topically apply your cannabinoids, we’ve got something that you’ll love. That’s a Diamond guarantee. From gummies and chocolate to vapes, flower, oils, and creams, you’ll find dozens of cannabinoids and even more ways to consume them your way.


A Selection For Any Occasion

Our product selection is bigger than anyone else’s, and we’re always hard at work to help you find your perfect product easily and seamlessly. Whether you’re shopping by experience, category, or ingredient, we have the products you’ve been looking for. And with dozens of strengths, strains, and flavors, you don’t have to compromise any aspect of your experience.

a selection for Any occasion

Experience The Highest-Quality
Cannabinoids On The Market

With over 30 active ingredients, you can find any cannabinoid you want. From CBD and CBN to Deltas 8, 9, and 10, we’re the ultimate cannabinoid destination. Keep it mild with CBG or go wild with THCP. No matter what experience you’re craving, we’ve got you covered.

experience the Highest-quality cannabinoids on the market

Third Party



Manufactured With Care

We care about keeping you safe and satisfied. That’s why we partner with local farms to create products made in the USA with American-grown hemp. We use top of the line extraction methods and the safest manufacturing practices in the industry. Every product we sell undergoes third-party lab testing for safety, purity, and your peace of mind.

Manufactured With Care

Our Products Are Great Because We’re Great

At Diamond, we care about your experience from the second you access our site to the minute you try your purchase. That’s what makes our products so great. We work hard, from your ease of browsing and customer service access to the quality and safety of every single product you buy, to give you the best experience in the cannabis industry.

Our Products Are Great Because We’re Great

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50,000+ 5-STAR REVIEWS

I've been using Diamond CBD products for several years. I am highly satisfied.

My experience has been wonderful. Everything I order is great - but they were all gummies. I wanted to try the smokables & I'm so glad I did! Right now I have Blue Dreams - about 1/2 smoked & stayed...

In past years I tried many different brands of CBD oil and for about last two years I received monthly Diamond CBD Oil Full Spectrum with MCT Oil 3500 mg.This CBD oil helps me with my chronic back and...

I've been a Diamond CBD customer now for approx. 18 months and the reason I've stayed with them is the quality and stength of their products. The 10x Ultra Strong do the trick whatever your past...