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Meds Biotech Full Spectrum MCT Oil - 3500mg (30ml)



Meds Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a unique and innovative formulation which provides many natural health supporting benefits Meds Biotech CBD Oil 3500mg is a high quality CBD oil tincture that is ideal for those beginning or maintaining a natural wellness program. Specially formulated by pharmacists, Meds Biotech 3500mg CBD oil provides all the benefits of natural CBD oil. All Meds Biotech CBD oils are third party tested for quality and guaranteed for purity, potency and freshness. We use the highest quality natural ingredients to ensure you have best CBD extracts available, with no fillers, additives or unwanted ingredients. Our premium CBD oils are gaining popularity due to their proven and reported quality and efficacy. Meds BioTech CBD Oil is extracted from Non GMO, organic hemp plants grown on sustainable farms in the USA.

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Meds Biotech Full Spectrum MCT Oil - 3500mg
30 ml

CBD Hemp Extract, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Vitamin E (as preservative).

Customer Reviews

3500mg MCT oil is the best if you had not tried it yet you really need to get some after drops best feeling this will always be my number one . The only thing I did not like about it was it was half way full both bottles that I order very expensive for the best both bottles should have been full to the top don't get me wrong it's the best if the bottles are full thank you

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