What Is THCP? How Does It Compare To Other Cannabinoids
What Is THCP? How Does It Compare To Other Cannabinoids

The post-Farm Bill era has been a banger for the cannabis market, with the introduction of several new compounds. Cannabinoids like delta 8, HHC, and delta 10, turned the industry on its head, offering consumers a slew of new products with bold, legal highs. Such products have helped Americans expand their minds and reach for the clouds. But very few have shown people how to fly — until now. THCP is the first cannabinoid that lets users skip flight school and rocket straight toward the outer rings of the galaxy. What is THCP? How does it compare to other cannabinoids?

Only a few years ago, Americans debated the benefits of legalizing cannabis, with most assuming — correctly — that the federal government didn’t have the courage or fortitude to make such a thing happen. But today, we have compounds like THCP, one of the strongest forms of THC, to enter our solar system. How strong? Keep reading to find out.

What Is THCP?

In response to the question “what is THCP,” the only possible answer is “the strongest, most powerful cannabinoid on Earth.” Tetrahydrocannabiphorol is an analog of THC that researchers believe is 33 times stronger than cannabis. To put that in perspective, delta 9 is about twice as strong as delta 8. HHC is around three to four times as potent as delta 8. THCP blows them all out of the water. 

If you don’t understand, THCP is a vital compound. Forget that. THCP jumps out of the water, drives to the airport, flies to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, and then uses the sun's power to soar toward outer space like Superman. That’s how powerful THCP is compared to other cannabinoids.

How Was THCP Discovered?

In 2019, a group of Italian researchers discovered THCP wholly by accident! As the team analyzed some cannabis samples up close, they made a mind-blowing revelation and soon published their findings. The research team noted that THCP works much like THCP with the endocannabinoid system. The compound binds to CB1 receptors at a rate 33 times higher than THC.

It was a fantastic discovery! Imagine being on the team that discovered super-cannabis! 

Scientifically speaking, THCP has what’s known as a longer alkyl side chain as compared to THC. Conversely, traditional delta-9 THC only has five carbon atoms. Why is this difference significant? Because it helps THCP ingratiate itself better with the ECS, meaning it takes less of the cannabinoid (as compared to THC) for a user to feel the effects.

Does THCP Get You High? 

Yes, THCP gets you very high. Still, because the discovery of THCP is relatively new (it’s only been a few years, after all), researchers don’t know how it works. In other words, we know THCP gets you high. We just don’t know how it gets you high. One thing is known for sure — when THCP gets you high, it gets you very high. This cannabinoid is over 30 times more potent than even delta 9. 

More Benefits of THCP

While everyone focuses on the buzz caused by THCP, we should note that this novel cannabinoid has a few other benefits as well. While its wellness effects don’t go as deep as those of delta 9 THC, they still merit mention. The Italian team of researchers that first discovered the THCP compound also learned that the cannabinoid benefits the human body in several ways.

Researchers found that THCP may be beneficial to adults in the following ways:

  • Stretching short, tight ligaments (Hypomobility)
  • Mild to severe pain relief
  • Help with sleep, especially for people in pain
  • May lower body temperature, especially in the rectum

Have You Already Tried THCP?

Some researchers now believe that many cannabis users have already tried THCP without knowing it. The fact stands that just because this cannabinoid was only discovered in 2019 doesn’t mean it was just “created” in 2019. THCP has obviously been around for a while. 

So it has led to a theory — have you ever wondered about those times when you were extremely high? When you ingested a cannabis product and got more than you bargained for? Maybe there was some THCP in there, in addition to the THC. Researchers are still learning about this compound and when and where it appears.

Is THCP Legal?

Is THCP Legal?

Now you’re asking the big, essential questions. In 2018, the United States Congress passed what is colloquially known as the Farm Bill. While it’s usually a mundane piece of legislation, it was a bit more exciting that year. For the first time in American history, at least since the days of George and Martha Washington, hemp was made legal. More importantly, Congress also legalized hemp derivatives containing up to 0.3% THC.

Overnight the country changed — and that’s only a slight exaggeration. CBD solidified its legal status and joining it were delta 8, hemp-derived delta 9 (under 0.3%), HHC, THCV, delta 10, and so many more. THCP became federally legal too. Now, some argue these compounds exist in a legal gray area, but, to date, they exist freely on the open market with no interference from the federal government. 

Some individual states have begun to ban or place restrictions on these compounds. However, THCP is not mentioned in any state bill or law to date.

Is THCP Safe?

Because THCP is still relatively new to the cannabis market, and the research is in its earliest stages, we don’t know much about its side effects or safety profile. It is a hemp-derived compound, and no person has ever been injured or died from using a cannabinoid derived from hemp. 

THCP is like cannabis on steroids. The compound is a highly intense version of THC. Based on research studies and some anecdotal evidence, we can conclude that the side effects are similar, though much more pronounced. Some side effects you may experience with THCP include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Exhaustion
  • Loss of Energy
  • Red Eyes
  • Cotton Mouth
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Short-Term Memory Loss
  • Confusion

THCP vs. THC: Compared to Cannabis, How Strong Is THCP?

In many ways, THC and THCP are pretty similar cannabinoids. Both compounds work with your endocannabinoid system almost identically to cause a psychotropic high. Potency is one difference between the two compounds — and it is a considerable difference —. As noted earlier, THCP is over 30 times more robust than its popular cousin. It’s the difference between hot a mild salsa.

To put it another way, using THCP is almost the same as using cannabis, but everything is much more pronounced. The buzz is more substantial, the calm feelings are bolder, and the total relaxation is much more relaxing. With THCP, you feel super chill. According to the research, 10mg of THC is equivalent to 0.3mg (300mcg) of THCP).

THCP vs. THC: Compared to Cannabis, How Strong Is THCP?

THCP vs. Delta 8: Is THCP Stronger Than Delta 8?

You bet it is. THC is around twice as potent as delta 8, and THCP is 33 times more potent than cannabis. Do the math, and THCP is, on average, 60 times more powerful than delta 8 THC. That’s one potent cannabinoid!

Here’s the thing — with THCP, there is a chance of experiencing some unpleasant side effects when you use it in excess. The compound is incredibly potent and stimulating. But, like cannabis, it may also result in the user having paranoia, anxiety, and confusion. YOu may feel your heart racing or some slight tremors. Again, this only happens when you use too much. These effects don’t occur with delta 8, which is part of the appeal of the compound. Delta 8 THC may be a mild cannabinoid with a subtle high, but there are rarely, if ever, harsh side effects.

THCP vs. Delta 10: How Does THCP Compare to Delta 10?

Delta 10 is one compound that THCP is quite different from overall. Most users prefer a cannabinoid like delta 10 when they’re looking to accomplish more in their life — they want to study or finish a big project at work. After all, delta-10 THC products give you energy, help you focus, and even offer a bit of a creative boost. There is a buzz, but it’s pretty mild.

THCP is, of course, super cannabis. It would be rare for someone to replace one for the other, as they serve two wildly different purposes. Imagine going to work to complete a presentation, only to find you’re zonked out on THCP. It won’t go over well with the boss!

THCP vs. HHC: Does THCP Compare Well to HHC?

It’s a potent little compound that quietly does the trick without asking for too much attention. While products like delta 8 and THC are always in the limelight, HHC is there to get the job done. It’s three to four times more potent than delta 8 and just a little less powerful than delta 9 THC. If we were building a hierarchy of cannabinoids, HHC would be right there in the middle.

As noted repeatedly at this point, THCP does outrank them all, including HHC. Both compounds compare nicely to each other. Choosing between the two simply depends on how strong of a buzz one hopes to achieve. Do you want to get high and still go about your daily activities? Choose HHC. Do you want to get stuck on the couch, unable to turn off the bad Netflix movie you’ve been watching for the past two hours? THCP it is!

How Strong Is THCP? Comparing It To Other Cannabinoids

Want to know how strong THCP really is? How do the benefits of THCP stack up against delta 8, delta 9, HHC, and delta 10? Follow the chart below for a quick and easy reference guide:

How Strong Is THCP Compared to Other Cannabinoids?



Delta 8

Delta 9

Delta 10


Pain Relief













Anxious Feelings



Paranoid Thoughts










33x Stronger than Delta 9

1/2 as Strong as Delta 9

2x as Strong as Delta 8

Mild, Energetic High

4/5 as Strong as Delta 9

Is THCP Synthetic? Is THCP Natural?

THCP is a naturally-occuring cannabinoid found in nature. It's known as a phytocannabinoid, of which more than 140 exist. But just like other post-Farm Bill compounds — delta 8, delta 10, HHC, etc. — THCP only exists in tiny amounts in the hemp plant. How tiny? To put it in perspective, take a look at the following cannabinoid comparisons:

  • Concentrations of THC in marijuana are upward of 30%.
  • Concentrations of CBD in hemp are upward of 30%.
  • Concentrations of THCP in hemp plants are less than 1%.

To sell THCP on a large scale, manufacturers employ processes that replicate those found in nature. They allow for more significant amounts of the cannabinoid to be bought and sold.

How Is THCP Made?

Would you believe that manufacturers convert CBD into THCP? It’s true (and please, don’t try this at home). Mimicking a process that naturally occurs in hemp plants, chemists have found a way to turn excess CBD biomass into THCP. That’s because all cannabinoids, from CBD to THCP to THC and more, begin as cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA. 

In nature, enzymatic reactions within the hemp plant use CBGA to create another molecule called tetrahydrocannabiphorolic acid, or THCPA. Through another process called decarboxylation, the hemp plant converts the THCPA into THCP. Chemists recreate that process in the lab. Does that make THCP synthetic? It comes from all-natural cannabinoids using an all-natural process, so — you decide.

What Does THCP Feel Like?

What Does THCP Feel Like?

It’s a great question — what does THCP feel like? You can read blog posts and articles on the internet all day long. But you'll never know until you hear the experiences of those who actually did it. We went to the only place where you could find a genuine, unbiased report. Over on Reddit, the internet’s top site for open conversation, we checked out what everyone had to say about THCP. You won’t be disappointed!

THCP Is Insanely Strong

THCP Is Insanely Strong

One Reddit user was thrilled with their recent experience, calling THCP “insanely strong.” They noted how they were apprehensive about using the compound at first, but were soon converted after only two hits. “I was skeptical and bought 1 gram of what I assume is 3% THCP and after around 2 "servings" 6 hits roughly I was definitely feeling it,” the user wrote.

A Long-Lasting High

A Long-Lasting High

Recently someone took to Reddit to note that THCP “packs a punch.” The user compared this new and novel cannabinoid to delta 8, telling others that THCP is much stronger and that everyone should proceed cautiously. “If you’re used to delta 8 (a light 2 hour high) don’t jump to this. I’ve been high for like very long, and love it, but it ain’t no d8 lemme tell ya,” wrote the Reddit user.

THCP Is Very Strong… And I Do This a Lot

THCP Is Very Strong… And I Do This a Lot

One Reddit user put it best when they said THCP is strong. They noted that they use cannabinoids every day, and even at low concentrations, they found that THCP was potent. “Even at %1 (sic) it got me very high and I have a 1-2 grams of concentrate per day habit. I wasn't expecting it to be so strong at such a low percentage,” wrote the person on Reddit.

Where to Find THCP

Always go to a reputable retailer when purchasing cannabinoids, especially something as substantial as THCP. What does reputable mean? You want a retailer who does the following:

  • Sends all products out to third-party labs for testing
  • Puts all lab results online for everyone to see
  • Includes all ingredients on the packaging
  • Is open, honest, and transparent about products and ingredients
  • Has top-notch customer service to answer all questions
  • Uses only the best ingredients, without any chemical solvents or impurities

Here at Diamond CBD, we take great pride in providing our customers with the highest-quality cannabinoids on the retail market today. We’re innovators who love to put out new products all the time. This is why we’re excited to introduce our new line of THCP products, including THCP carts and THCP disposable vapes. They’re available in a wide variety of strains, such as:

  • Bruce Banner
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  • Sour Skittlez 
  • Purple Punch
  • God’s Gift
  • Blackberry Kush
  • Limoncello

Final Thoughts on THCP

Thanks to the Farm Bill, consumers now have access to a host of exceptional cannabinoids. Yet, without a doubt, THCP might be the most incredible one of them all. This compound is stronger, more potent, and more robust than anything we’ve seen in the past 100 years. Forget legal cannabis; THCP is the new king in town.

Still, consumers should proceed with caution. THCP is relatively new, and the research is in its infancy. We know it’s safe, as are all cannabinoids derived from hemp, but we still have a lot to learn about its full potential. With something, this strong, moderation is always key.

Explore what THCP can do for you! Grab some THCP carts or disposable vapes today and have some fun. Turn on some terrible movies, sit on the couch with friends, and zone out. You deserve a day to yourself.