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Liquid Gold CBD Oil Honey Tincture - 1500mg (30ml)



Liquid Gold brand Full Spectrum CBD Honey Tincture Oil  is the sweet addition your daily health and wellness routine needs.

Available in strengths ranging from 25mg to 3500mg, these tasty new honey tinctures are made of 100% all-natural honey and premium full spectrum CBD oil extracted from the best organic industrialized hemp oil.Take anywhere from one drop to a “full dropper” (20 drops/1ml) under your tongue as needed based on the desired CBD mg intake. Add it to your morning coffee, tea, or just use it throughout the day

Sweeten your day, all while enjoying the awesome benefits that CBD offers with Liquid Gold’s Full Spectrum Honey Tinctures.

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Liquid Gold CBD Oil Honey Tincture - 1500mg
30 ml

Full Spectrum Industrial Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD), Vegetable Glycerin, and Honey.

Customer Reviews

I have been using this oil for several days now. The description of this Honey Tincture being "sweet" or "tasty" is a bit misleading. Upon opening this product you are immediately hit with a pungent odor. I likened this odor to liquefied, diluted skunk spray, my husband said it was more of a stale beer smell.

I got past this and used a full dropper under my tongue. The taste is really not all that bad, but not all that good either. It doesn't taste as bad as is smells, but is far from the honey flavor that is promoted.

In my case, I bought this for help with pain associated with 2 herniated discs with radiating left leg pain. I went in thinking this product would immediately be a "wonder cure" for my pain, but after some research and trial and error I have been able to lessen my pain, and on the plus side my anxiety too! This oil taken in conjunction with my muscle relaxers and nerve medications at the onset of pain symptoms is amazing! In my case if I wait until the pain is almost unbearable to take the oil, it has little to no effect.

Overall, I would still buy this product again and promote it to others! Just don't go into taking this product with the intent that it will work miracles and relieve your pain, anxiety, etc. instantly or that it will taste like sweet honey.

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