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Diamond CBD Full Spectrum Olive Oil - 3500mg (30ml)



Available in strengths ranging from 25mg to 3500mg of CBD, the full spectrum Olive Oil CBD Tinctures are a phenomenal new edition to the CBD oil family, in which the natural olive oil extract combined with the CBD oil offers many health and wellness benefits for anyone can enjoy. The olive oil-infused CBD oil has essential nutrients that affect areas of the brain playing a role in memory, sleep, appetite, pain sensation, and overall mood to help you take on the day while feeling refreshed and energized. Take anywhere from one drop to a “full dropper” (20 drops/1ml) under your tongue as needed based on the desired CBD mg intake.

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Diamond CBD Full Spectrum Olive Oil - 3500mg (30ml)
30 ml

Full Spectrum Industrial Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD), Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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High quality! Best CBD Oil efficacy with my morning metabolism. Taste isn’t my favorite but the effect is the best CBD Diamond product so far I’ve tried and this is important to me because it’s been an expensive trial at 3500 mg. No hunger pangs or cravings.
Great taste

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