Vape Oil (Miami High)

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Customer Reviews

November 9, 2022
Jeff L.
The Miami High disposable vapes are one of the best I've tried. They taste great, not harsh, and nice mellow feeling. The value is what got my attention, and I am planning on trying more of the options.

My test is, would I buy again? I have at least 2-3 times and going for more! They travel well through TSA.
November 2, 2022
Harvey G.
I've ordered products from Diamond several times and their THC and HHC products are very mellow and relaxing. I use it to treat anxiety and it really works for me.
October 30, 2022
Robert S.
Great product. Would definitely buy again. Easy to order. Quick delivery. Xoxoxoxoxpxpxox
October 29, 2022
Jason V.
This is my first HHC cart period and I had no tolerance for cannabis prior. But I consumed cannabis regularly for years. This HHC is like a social version of THC. No paranoid or racing thoughts, no anxiety, no fast heart rate. You would need to consume a lot of this to get there. It does not make you any where near as tired as regular THC does. It is great to help with social anxiety. It definitely gives me a little energy boost and talking more and being more interested with what I am doing and able to focus way better on whatever I am doing.

Also, For those worried about smell, Unless someone is literally sitting next to you, Nobody will smell it.

I can taste some terpenes and it has a little bit of a regular cannabis taste.

I loved it and would buy again! Especially since it was BOGOF so I got nearly 4 grams on 2 vapes for like $60.
September 29, 2022
Shannon M.
First time user for the disposable vape. So far I’m loving it! Taste is good and it hits nicely. Gives a nice buzz!

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