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Very good experience and high quality product. A pleasant background buzz that doesn't cause lethargy or drowsiness. Many laughs and sensory enhancement. I use these when i am listening to music or creating art. Colors are brighter and 2d images give the illusion of depth. Lots of fun, but seems to take a long time to kick in.
Good stuff! Have been using Diamond CBD products several years now, prefer the capsules bc the summer heat can turn even the tapioca gummies gooey. I had a mild-to-severe TBI almost 20 years ago and I use the Delta 8 for pain relief, anxiety, and aid sleep. It allows me to use less prescription drugs, like opioids, and avoid the health and addiction complications of them.
These are great. I love the idea of not having to chew some thing that gets stuck in my teeth before I go to bed. I do like the gummies, but not for sleeping. These are great for sleeping. I start feeling it about 90 minutes after I take it.

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