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Buy gummies, a strong hemp-derived product infused with high-quality cannabinoids. Sweet, delicious gummies will help you increase your buzz.

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Very great trip! Relaxing and trippy. Please, take the recommended dose or you will be not only flying high but feel horrible. It is no joke. It’s the strongest I’ve had so proceed with caution. Would highly recommend! 😵‍💫
I have mainly been purchasing delta 8 and 9 products but thought I’d try some that also has mushroom extracts. The combination is great. It is extra relaxing. I have bi-polar and anxiety. I would highly recommend it. But just a word of caution. Take the amount suggested. If you take too much you will be high as a kite but feel awful. Thanks so much for your product!
The taste is great and the euphoric affect is relaxing. Great for watching TV or listening to to music and after I eat everything in sight, I drift off into a deep 😴

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