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November 30, 2022
Jeff L.
Very smooth hitting, no coughing, and a nice buzz. I love the HHC a lot. Great for relaxing, nice head buzz, and relaxing chill feeling. Hold in longer for best effect.
November 29, 2022
Sharron S.
Quick service very good product, I had a problem and it was handled very quickly
November 28, 2022
Edgar V.
the best to get so high! smooth as f ngl i love this one. i fw it. i would give it a 10/10
November 4, 2022
Jeff L.
love that this does not produce a cough, so its smooth. Best results are best when you hold it in longer!
September 26, 2022
David L.
I love it! Thanks. The only thing I do not like; is that is making me use the 75 characters for this review. Why can't the review be short? Hmm...? But other than that i love the prodcut.
Thank You.

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