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Browse our collection of vape pens, available in a variety of flavors and strengths, and infused with premium, safe, legal cannabinoids.  
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To be succinct, WOW. I have tried a few vapes but nothing like this. Sneaks up on you a bit and then BANG. The taste leaves something to be desired IMHO but the effect is awesome without being overwhelming.
The experience was great! I would purchase again. Nice flavor. Nice relaxing, good for taking right before bed. Gave me a goodnight sleep.
This was my first purchase from Diamond CBD and it won't be the last. I have RLS and based on my research, although not a doctor I've been an avid researcher for 40+ years, and found that THCM should offer relief from my symptoms. It is very difficult to find an online supplier of THCM vape products. Diamonds recovery blend was exactly what I was looking to purchase and the offers are outstanding. After a few days of using the recovery blending I found my symptoms had drastically improved and I finally got a good night's sleep. I'm so glad I found Diamond CBD, I will be a customer for a long time.

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