THCP Gummies - Highly Potent THCP Edibles (More than 100mg)

Customer Reviews

Just fantastic! They taste ok and least for me...quite powerful and long lasting. It only takes 1/4 of a gummy to provide a powerful and lasting buzz.
These are a favorite! Knocks out pain and relaxes me with a really nice buzz. Started off with only 1/4 of one and omg it was potent. Now after months of taking them I take any where from a 1/4 to a 1/2 and no more. These lil delights are packed with potency
I found these to be perfect for sleep. The THCP really adds an extra layer of relaxation. It's strong without making you couch bound, yet potent enough for even the most seasoned of Delta 8 users. This is one of the best products I've tried.

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