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Introducing an exceptional creation in the world of smoking pleasure: the HHC Cheetah Piss Blunt by Cookies. Prepare to redefine your smoking experience with this ingenious combination of flavors and effects.

Unveil a novel approach to indulgence with these HHC Blunts. These masterpieces are a testament to innovation, offering an exquisite fusion of HHC-infused whole bud CBD and CBG flower. Rolled in a premium hemp wrap and adorned with a glass filter tip, these blunts redefine the art of smoking, one puff at a time.

HHC, a federally legal cannabinoid, stands as the cornerstone of this experience. Its unique properties promise both immediate effects and a prolonged, gentle psychoactive journey. With 200mg of HHC, you're embracing a world of relaxation and mellow euphoria that's second to none.

The Cheetah Piss HHC Blunts are a triumph of flavor complexity. As you ignite the blunt, a funky lemon cake aroma entices your senses, leading you into a sweet, gelato-dominant taste that evolves into a delightful cake-like finish. The name may not be too tempting, but this multi-layered experience is a testament to the artistry that lies within every puff.

Rest assured that your satisfaction and safety remain paramount. Every Cheetah Piss HHC Blunt undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing, ensuring that your experience is a journey of quality and purity.

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1 pre-roll
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CBD Hemp Flower, Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), Terpenes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-roll?

As the name implies, a pre-roll is an already rolled joint. They come infused with many different cannabinoids, from delta 8 to HHC and more. 

How long does it take for a pre-roll to start working?

In most cases, you will be able to feel the effects of your pre-roll within 1-2 minutes, and they will last for 60-90 minutes after you have taken it.

What types of cannabinoids does Cookies sell?

Cookies sells a variety of cannabinoids, including HHC and Delta-8 THC. These cannabinoids are known for producing unique psychoactive effects.

Is it true that smoking hemp makes you high, just like smoking marijuana?

It depends on the cannabinoid. Hemp contains negligible amounts of THC, the chemical in marijuana which cause that high feeling. But hemp contains a number of other cannabinoids that do cause a high, including delta 8, HHC, and more. Hemp and marijuana come from the same genus of plant, cannabis sativa, and they are two different plants altogether.

How long will a pre-roll last?

The terpenes in a joint should last for about 12 months if you keep it in good condition. If it still smells good, that means the terpenes are still present.

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