Customer Reviews

September 29, 2022
Shannon M.
First time user for the disposable vape. So far I’m loving it! Taste is good and it hits nicely. Gives a nice buzz!
September 27, 2022
Andrea M.
These are so yummy and I love the effect of these. I will definitely buy these again!
September 25, 2022
Jordan C.
These are the best cartriges so far! I love them!!! They have alot of different flavors too so i can rotate them out
September 20, 2022
Clint L.
I ordered theseHHC Carts about a week or two ago. I am placed another order for a couple more. I think they are a true Sour Diesel buzz. Everything from the after-taste to the vibez you get when you're vaping it. I recommend this one and great price too. Two thumbs up to Miami High. Thank you Diamond! 😀
September 14, 2022
Sandra L.
The product itself is amazing, it helped me mellow out and relax without it affecting my ability to be productive. However, I am going to look for it elsewhere due to this being the 3rd time I purchase an item from DIamond CBD that loses the ability to recharge, leaving me with more than half the product unused. It is a waste of money imo since they will not refund nor send a new one in its place and only provide discount coupons for your next purchase. This has happend with their very expensive vape pen chargers as well which is why I opted for disposables instead of cartridges, sadly now the disposable ones are also not recharging either. It is a shame since they were my go to CBD shop even after moving.

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