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Customer Reviews

November 23, 2022
Michelle R.
it lets me sleep 8 hours plus my pain is almost gone the next day, so for now I eat one every other night
November 13, 2022
Joel A.

These worked really well and quicker than I thought, but I am entirely happy about the ability to get to sleep safely and quickly.
November 12, 2022
Susan T.
Not much helps me to sleep, I get about 4hr/night. I take these and I've gotten 6 & 7 hrs sleep. Only negative is I still feel drowsy when I wake up, like spacey and it takes a while to wear off so I don't do them if I have an appointment in the AM. In general, Diamond CBD is my go to store for all my gummy and vape CBD products. My fav are the 10x products.
October 25, 2022
Shamika B.
Great product. Timely shipping. Our customers love it. We will continue to purchase
October 16, 2022
Debbie S.
Very Good, helps with back pain and helps with sleep. Highly recommend this product!

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