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Browse our collection of Weight Loss Gummies, herbal gummies that promote your natural ability to diet and lose weight naturally, made from all-natural ingredients!
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I ABSOLUTLY love these.....getting ready to order my third bottle!! Totally a game changer with a twist.
Pretty good so far. I'm a big guy so I take 2 at a time. Usually when I get home from a long day at work and still have to get the kids to sports, make dinner, etc. These gummies give me the extra added charge at the end of my day to keep me going and focused without getting all cheeched and sinking into the couch. The other beauty of them is, they suppress my appetite so I'm not eating a ton before I go to bed. It's only been a couple weeks but, so far so good. I pair them with the other little THCV canna slim capsule that I take in the morning. With my healthy diet, I've dropped 12 pounds in a few weeks. Baby steps.
I LOVE THIS product !!!! They give me energy and I feel so good during the day…. They really do take away my appetite, and I have to remember to eat.. ISYN! I do recommend them for those that can handle this type of medication….

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