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Common Questions

THCV Capsules - Pop Into Weight Loss 

THCV capsules are the ideal addition to anybody's dietary routine. From decreasing appetite to increasing satiety, THCV has been studied around the world for its many weight loss uses. This elusive cannabinoid hosts a plethora of benefits, both related to weight loss and not. Ready to discover them in capsule form?

What Are THCV Capsules?

THCV capsules are small, soft-gel capsules, much like those you would find in a pharmacy. Filled with THCV, and sometimes with blends including similar cannabinoids, these capsules are small, easy to ingest, and conveniently portable.

THCV capsules as a quick and easy way to take your daily dose of THCV, hassle-free!

A Brief Overview of THCV

THCV is like a hidden gem within the cannabis plant, with unique properties that are yet to be fully explored. It's like a rare bird found only in African sativa that captivates the curiosity of the scientific community. Even though it has a similar structure to THC, they are like two different sides of a coin, with THCV offering its own set of benefits and effects. Unlike THC, THCV has a more subtle impact and is only about 25% as potent. It's like a gentle breeze compared to a strong wind. One of the most interesting differences is how they affect appetite. While THC is famous for making you ravenous, THCV can do the opposite and suppress your hunger. 

Based on initial research, THCV may possess the following properties:

  • Suppressing appetite
  • Increasing feelings of fullness
  • Producing mild psychoactive effects
  • Regulating metabolism
  • Managing anxiety

Are THCV Capsules Legal?

With the passage of the Farm Bill of 2018, hemp and hemp derivatives became legal as long as they contain 0.3% THC or less on a dry weight basis. Thus, any compound derived from hemp that follows the THC cap is currently legal under United States law, including THCV!

That being said, not every state agrees with the federal government's stance, although a vast majority do. If you’re not sure whether THCV is legal in your state, it would be a good idea to do some research before ordering THCV capsules online. At this time, THCV is illegal in 13 states, including: New York, Arizona, Utah, Alaska, Montana, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

Understanding The Different Capsules Available at Diamond

At Diamond, we don’t just have THCV capsules. We also host a wide variety of delta 8 and CBD capsules for your enjoyment. But what exactly is the difference between CBD, delta 8, and THCV capsules?

You already know what THCV capsules are and what they can do for you: they promote appetite suppression, increase satiety, and regulate your metabolism (among other things). They aren’t psychoactive. Delta 8, on the other hand, is a psychoactive cannabinoid known for its relaxing, euphoric, and appetite stimulating properties. In capsule form, delta 8 is the most convenient way to take your buzz on the go.

CBD capsules, much like THCV capsules, are known for being non-psychoactive and are a great addition to any daily routine. With properties such as pain management, improving sleep, and anxiety relief, CBD is the wellness compound that keeps on giving! CBD capsules makes it easy for users to reap the benefits of this famous cannabinoid in an easy, unassuming, and convenient way.

So, the main difference between each type of capsule lies in the active ingredients in them. If you wanted a relaxing, euphoric, and mildly psychoactive effect from your capsule, for example, you would opt for a delta 8 capsule. If what you’re looking for is a general wellness boost, CBD capsules may be a better bet. But if what you want is help in your weight loss journey via appetite suppression and metabolism regulation, you should go for a convenient THCV capsule!

How To Take THCV Capsules

Taking THCV capsules is an easy endeavor; all you need to do is follow the serving size and instructions on your packaging for a safe and successful THCV experience!

In more detailed instructions, taking THCV capsules consists of three simple steps:

  1. Open your pill container.
  2. Place pills in your mouth depending on serving size (usually 1 or 2 pills).
  3. Once on your tongue, swallow, preferably with water or other drink. Do not chew, suck, or bite pill.

And you’re done! Taking THCV is as simple as following the instructions on your package and taking a sip of water!

Benefits of THCV Capsules

Apart from its obvious weight loss capabilities, THCV can also help you in a plethora of other areas. Because the compound is new and has only been studied in preliminary research, commonly involving mice, we can’t that the cannabinoid has been proven to treat, prevent, or cure any disease. That said, THCV has shown promise in a number of fields.

These include:

THCV may also help with:

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Creativity

That said, it’s more than obvious that THCV gets it real street cred from its involvement in weight loss. As a matter of fact, THCV could potentially be one way to curb obesity! So how exactly can THCV capsules help in weight loss?

THCV Capsules for Weight Loss

Users have nicknamed the compound “Diet Weed” for its appetite-decreasing and energy-boosting effects. While most weed will give you the munchies, THCV does the exact opposite. Apart from decreasing your appetite, it also increases satiety and improves your metabolism, making it an ideal candidate as a weight loss supplement.

But don’t claim victory just yet; THCV isn’t some miracle drug designed to help you get chiseled abs while you sit on your couch watching TV. While it’s true that THCV can be incredibly beneficial in a weight loss journey, it alone can’t get you to your desired weight. For noticeable effects, THCV needs to be paired with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and even restful sleep. Without these other factors, you will never be truly healthy, no matter how much THCV you take!

THCV Capsules: Final Thoughts

THCV capsules are the most convenient way to reap the benefits of the famous THCV. Nicknamed “Diet Weed” for its promise as a weight loss agent, the cannabinoid is loved by thousands of users around the world.

Ready to be next? Try some THCV capsules today!