THCP Gummies - Highly Potent THCP Edibles (25mg - 49mg)

THCP Gummies (25mg - 49mg)

Shop our deliciously strong THCP Gummies. Up to 33x stronger than regular D9, these gummies are a real treat for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts! 
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By far the best gummies I’ve ever had! They help me relax at the end of the day and they also help me sleep well! I HIGHLY recommend!!
Item arrived on time & but have a not had a chance to try it yet. But if this is like the other products purchased at the same time then quality would not be a problem.
Unique and enjoyable. Even before I remembered these were called “Fresh,” I was reflecting on how “clean” it felt. The feeling is pretty unique. It’s like not in your body but clearly in your body and not in your head but clearly in your head. 🤷‍♀️🤣 It’s nice. Like, real nice, but there’s almost zero dissonance—neither in a chemical sensation nor internal resistance. You’re not zonked or buzzy, really. It’s just mellow and clean.

(Also, random, but I suspect it helped with my executive dysfunction. I plotted a book, and my thoughts were expansive but smooth and effortless. 5⭐️)

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