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THCP Gummies

Shop our deliciously strong THCP Gummies. Up to 33x stronger than regular D9, these gummies are a real treat for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts! 
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Holy smoke, Batman! This stuff is powerful. We each cut one quarter of a piece from the 5mg gummy at 6:00 PM. So 1.25mg. We both woke up stoned this morning and at 1 PM are both still feeling the effects. EPIC! My advice? Definitely start low and go slow. I now realize I have a few month's worth!
I'm a fan it's strong stuff so start slow. I cut each gummy in 4 at first to see how it would hit and worked my way up from there. Best way to end the day.
Great help with sleeping and to calm me down. I'm 62, my husband is 60. He just had hip surgery and the helped him get some rest as well.

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