MediPets CBD Dog Treats Meaty Steak Treats feature 5.5mg of CBD (cannabidiol) per treat. Our CBD dog treats are flavored with real beef, infused with industrial CBD hemp oil and made in the USA.

For the best CBD treats for your dog, look no further than MediPets CBD Dog Treats Meaty Steak Treats. These CBD dog treats are a nervous dogs best friend. Reward your dog for good behavior and give them a dose of high quality CBD with MediPets CBD Dog Treats Meaty Steak Treats.

This product is intended for intermittent supplemental feeding. Always consult a vet before modifying your pet's diet.

Product Category
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200 g

Cannabidiol (CBD), Ground Wheat, Corn Starch, Water, Wheat Flour, Ground Yellow Corn, Corn Syrup, Glycerin, Beef, Animal Fat (Preserved with BHA), Geiatin, Rice Flour, Soy Flour, Salt, Natural Flavor, Red 40, Titanium Dioxide (Artificial Color), Phosphoric Acid, Dried Whey, Potassium Sorbate (to preserve freshness).


Customer Reviews

My dog loves them
Helps my 15 year old Aussie with her joints
We were advised to try CBD biscuits for our Maggie (YorkiePoo senior) when she fell up the stairs and was favoring her back leg. We started with one treat a day. By the second day, I started to see improvement. We upped the dosage to 2x a day (every 12 hrs) and saw a noticeable difference. She began to walk on the injured leg! We were relieved. After 5 days of CBD treats, we were able to stop giving the treats to Maggie. Thanks MediPets for making a great product! We now tell our dog loving friends about your products!

**Special note: We had to order the CBD treats so Maggie was without anything for a few days with zero improvement. She didn’t do anything on her own accord.
My little Brady loves the treats and they’ve helped calm him so he doesn’t wheeze.
Seem to work great 4 dogs helps with traveling

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