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MediPets brand CBD for cats and dogs is the nation’s premier, all-natural, hemp-derived pet CBD. Treat your cat or dog and care for their wellness with a variety of products, including CBD oils, CBD pet treats, CBD pet sprays, and more. MediPets delivers pharmacist-formulated, THC-free, 100% natural CBD for cats and dogs. Help your pet be relaxed and happy with MediPets CBD, the most convenient way to add quality wellness to your pet’s diet.



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50,000+ 5-STAR REVIEWS

My dog loves them every time he hears the bag open he comes running to me and wags his tail. I highly recommend these for any dogs that hyperventilate or has bad anxiety my dog has anxiety attacks...

Helps my pup relax. He has arthritis in his hips and I believe it gives him relief. I been using this product for quote awhile.

I have a 115lb dog with hip issues. These drops have really helped him with the pain & stiffness. It must taste good, because he looks forward to taking it.

My cat loves it, and it's so much easier to dose than Prozac, which the cat smelled and tasted no matter how I tried disguising it. This CBD oil is fully accepted by my pet, and I just put a dropper...

My dog loves these so much and they’re very beneficial to him. I recommend him to anyone that dogs may be a little anxious and really helps them a lot thanks.

My dog really loves these. They’re very beneficial and helps him with his needs. Thank you so much for a great product.

My lab Marley loves is . 💯. And I can tell it is working because he seems more relax

I ran out, lol. The dogs loved them, can't say my oldest noticed a difference. too expensive for a repeat purchase with no real results and you all don't have ingredients listed either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

Will MediPets products get my pets high?

Although MediPets products will keep your pets relaxed and happy, our pet products are made with pure CBD. 100% THC-free, our products will not make your pets high. 

Are MediPets products safe for my pets?

MediPets CBD products are 100% safe for cats and dogs. After all, they are made with your furry friends in mind! MediPets delivers all-natural, 100% safe products for your cats and dogs.