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MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs - 600MG

I can not express my gratitude enough for this product. Our lives & our dogs' lives have been turned upside down in the past two years. This CBD always comes in clutch with their anxiety. Our newest...

Sarah C.
MediPets CBD Cat Treats - Cat Cafe Tartar Control - 100mg

this really works! I have a friendly feral that gets freaked out during thunderstorms. This helped calm him down yesterday. Hopefully this will be available to buy again when I need a refill.

Mary beth B.
MediPets CBD Dog Treats - Meaty Steak Treats - 100mg

The beagle loves them, so we do, too.

Boyden D.
MediPets CBD Dog Treats - Wavy Bacon & Cheese Bites - 100mg

Beagle approved, no complaints.

Boyden D.
MediPets CBD Dog Treats - Kabobs - 100mg

Our dog loves these, the meaty steak treats, and the wavy bacon & cheese bites. We got 200 mg kabobs instead of the 100 mg ordered twice now, maybe as suitable replacements, but not a big deal, she...

Boyden D.
MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs - 90MG

I have a ferret with a large tumor. I give her an EXTREMELY small dose (0.1mL), twice a day. I think this product is really helping her with the discomfort caused by the tumor. Her activity and mood...

Rebecca S.
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