D9, Male Libido Blend Gummies

D9, Male Libido Blend Gummies - D9 THC

Give your best performance with our deliciously sexy Male Libido Blend Gummies by D9 THC! At 30 gummies per jar, these erotic treats are all you need to give yourself— and your partner — the best performance you can, including enhanced size, stamina, pleasure, and even an energy boost.

Each gummy contains:

  • 500mg of our Proprietary Libido Blend for Him: Including ingredients like Maca Root, Horny Goatweed Leaf, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, and 9 other sex-enhancing ingredients, our male libido blend will improve your sexual arousal, help you last longer, and give you a girthier tool to perform with, if you catch our drift.
  • 6mg of Delta 9: A little delta 9 goes a long way in this sexy blend. At 6mg, it’s enough to get you feeling relaxed, removing any performance anxiety from the equation completely. Additionally, delta 9 will fill your head with waves of euphoria, adding even more enjoyment to your bedroom activities.

With these delicious Blueberry-flavored arousal gummies, you can level up your bedroom game and show your partner the best time they’ve ever had. So pop two gummies, wait a few minutes for the effects to kick in, and get hot and steamy like never before!

Total Strength
Strength Per gummy
Total Units
30 gummies
Total Delta 9
Delta 9 Per gummy

Tapioca Syrup, Corn Syrup, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid Natural Flavors, Fruit and Vegetable Extract (Color), Maca Root Powder, Horny Goatweed Leaf Powder, Panax Ginseng Root Powder, Tribulus Terrestris, Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana Extract (Leaf) Powder, Tongkat Ali Powder, Caffeine, Guarana, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine, Hemp-derived Delta-9 THC.

D9, Male Libido Blend Gummies - D9 THC

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What is Hemp?

Hemp is cannabis with a Delta-9 THC concentration ≤ 0.3% by dry weight.

Federal Law

Consumable hemp products are federally legal and permitted to ship over state lines.

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I got these for my boyfriend and he said they really help him relax and Enjoy the moment with a touch of intensity and pleasure.

D9, Male Libido Blend Gummies - D9 THC

Item arrive on time & in cool looking container. Can’t wait to try it. If quality is as good as the others we purchased before, then we’re happy

D9, Male Libido Blend Gummies - D9 THC

I tried 3 different sex/libido gummies for men from 3 different companies, and I have to say this is the only one that actually showed me results! It took a while to kick in, but it worked. 4 stars cuz they could be a little sweeter to cover the slight bitterness in the initial chews

D9, Male Libido Blend Gummies - D9 THC

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell delta-9 gummies?

Yes we sell D9 gummies! Our delta 9 THC gummies are one of our most popular products! As with any edibles, we recommend that you start slow. Take one or two gummies and then increase your dose every few hours until you feel the desired effect. Remember, edible products like gummies take some time before the effects (aka the high) begin. So be patient!

What's the best dose of delta 9 per gummy?

The answer to this depends on the product. The best dose of delta 9 per gummy depends on the strength of the product. Many of our delta 9 gummies include CBD to balance out the buzz. So, with 600mg gummies you get 20mg per gummy, which is 10mg of delta 9 and 10mg of CBD. 

We inform you about the dose on each product page. In general, your best bet is to start low and slow. Take a low dose and increase slowly until you reach a peak that works for you. You can always take more but you can never take less.

Why do you put CBD in your delta 9 gummies?

It is well known that CBD is great for balancing out the high caused by delta 9. Combining the two cannabinoids will give you a very mellow buzz. That's why we package the two together in many of our gummies - for a fantastic, relaxing feeling you soon won't forget!

How do I choose the best delta-9 gummies?

There are a few things you should consider when shopping for Delta 9 THC gummies online. You want to check out the ingredients, reviews, third-party testing, and customer service. And in all of these areas, Diamond is rated the best (really!).

Pure and potent D9 distillate is the key ingredient in Delta 9 THC gummies. Delta 9 must be hemp-based, organic, and American-grown. Learn what's in your products by reading their labels. Our D9 is free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Don't use anything synthetic. We use only natural, organic ingredients.

Moreover, we have the BEST reviews from consumers! How can you get an unbiased opinion from a company that says they have the best products? Check out the reviews! It's a good idea to start with the reviews on the product pages of most vendors. Getting a broader perspective is also possible from outside sources like Google.

At Diamond we test all of our products, including our delta 9 gummies, with third-party labs, ensuring they are safe and effective. How can you make sure you're buying the best delta 9 gummies? Buy them from Diamond, of course!

Are your delta 9 gummies the same as cannabis?

Sort of. While all delta 9 is the same, ours comes from hemp, making it federally legal.  

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You've never had D9 THC quite like this. Forget everything you know about hemp and cannabinoids and let D9 THC blend products take your buzz to the next level. With a blended buzz you get the best parts of your favorite cannabinoids mixed into one sweet, euphoric buzz. And the best part? It tastes great too! So try D9 THC blends today. It's the ideal combination of your favorite hemp-derived cannabinoids.

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