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Arousal products for individuals who want to naturally boost their libido explore products that can increase desire, stimulate, and create friction. Is it getting hot in here?


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Delicious. Diamond CBD has never let me down.. Bliss gummies are just that Puts yourself in a perfect mood

Love them and the gummy ones. The delta 9 capsules are also awesome. Everything I have gotten on here has worked and continue to purchase.

I think they were so good the excitement killed Linda. RIP 8/3/2023. Heaven gained another angel.

The taste is great and the euphoric affect is relaxing. Great for watching TV or listening to to music and after I eat everything in sight, I drift off into a deep 😴

YWish yall had more this is to gas to not have in stocks best smoke on this website

I was better than I thought. First of all the taste was good and the buzz was nice and mellow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

Do your sex gummies really work?

Yes! Better Sex and Love Bites gummies are proven to boost stamina, energy, and pleasure in the bedroom with that special someone. Give them a try and see for yourself!

What's in your sex gummies?

Our sex gummies from Better Sex and Love Bites are made from all-natural ingredients proven to work in the bedroom. Both brands use proprietary formulas, however, both are scientifically proven to get the spark going!

What's the difference between Love Bites and Better Sex?

We like to say Love Bites is for your wild side while Better Sex is for married couples looking to rekindle the spark. Each brand has its own benefits and we recommend trying each!

Do you make sex gummies for men and women?

Yes! Our popular line of sex gummies are available for both him and her. Boost your stamina and pleasure in the bedroom with Better Sex and Love Bites today!

Are you sex gummies available in different sizes?

Yes! You can buy Better Sex and Love Bites in small packages (no pun intended!) or new jars which contain up to 15 sex gummies. For those looking to go the distance, you can buy econo-packs which contain up to 12 packs in one.

Are sex gummies safe?

Yes! As with all of our products, the sex gummies we sell are tested for safety and efficacy by a third-party lab. 

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