Blue Dream Pre-Roll - HHC, D8, THCP - Blends - 4000mg

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Experience Delight, Blue Dream strain blended Pre-Rolls with 4000mg of HHC, Delta 8, and more, a new way to enjoy cannabinoids with Blends by Fresh. With an all-natural cannabinoid blend you can go higher than you've ever dreamed. You'll love Blends by Fresh.


Experience the power of a cannabinoid blend, the unique, intense feeling that comes from the entourage effect and the bold highs you feel when multiple compounds begin to work on your endocannabinoid system. It's like flying to the moon in a time machine made out of a telephone booth — it's fantastical and amazing!

Now available in Delight, the new Blue Dream blend from Blends by Fresh. This pre-roll includes a sweet blend of your favorite compounds such as HHC, Delta 8, and more. These Pre-Roll offer 4000mg of pure relaxation and peacefulness you can't find anywhere else.

Blends by Fresh are premium Pre-Rolls made with the finest attention to quality. They include more of your favorite cannabinoids than anything on the market today. Better still, they're tested for purity by our third-party partner labs, ensuring your safety at all times.

Total Strength
Strength Per pre-roll
Total Units
40 pre-rolls
Total HHC
HHC Per pre-roll
Total Delta 8
Delta 8 Per pre-roll
Total THCP
THCP Per pre-roll

Hemp-derived THC extract (HHC, DELTA-8, THCP) and Natural Terpenes.

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Excellent 👌 mid-level cerebral elevation without crashing even lasting with residual low level the next day
My experience has been wonderful. Everything I order is great - but they were all gummies. I wanted to try the smokables & I'm so glad I did! Right now I have Blue Dreams - about 1/2 smoked & stayed high for about an hour to hour & half. It's nice to not have to roll at home & they are very generous in the pre rolls. Going to try every single variety & review all of them. THANK YOU DIAMOND CBD!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do THCP smokables get you high?

Yes, THCP smokables will get you high. The compound is considered the strongest psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis to date. 

Can you fly with THCP smokables?

No. Despite their federal legality, flying with THCP smokables is not recommended. 

Are THCP smokables safe?

Absolutely THCP smokables are considered safe, but because they are so potent, dosing responsibly is crucial to avoid any negative short-term effects. 

Does THCP flower get you high?

Absolutely! THCP is thought to be the strongest psychoactive cannabinoid found to date. 

Can you fly with THCP flower?

Flying with THCP flower is not recommended. 

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Blends by Fresh, a fresh new product from one of your favorite brands — Fresh — showers you with the clean, crisp power of cannabinoid blends. Enjoy the unique, intense feeling that comes from the entourage effect and bold highs you feel when multiple compounds begin to work on your senses. With Blends by Fresh, the unique feeling of numerous cannabinoids will inundate you all over! Get blended!

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