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Blends by Fresh, a fresh new product from one of your favorite brands — Fresh — showers you with the clean, crisp power of cannabinoid blends. Enjoy the unique, intense feeling that comes from the entourage effect and bold highs you feel when multiple compounds begin to work on your senses. With Blends by Fresh, the unique feeling of numerous cannabinoids will inundate you all over! Get blended!

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This has been the best experience with any type of product similar to this in the fact that it does really calm you but doesn’t make you sleepy and you can’t really do too much, it has a short half...

this is an excellent product with good smooth taste, I just wish it came in the 2700mg cartridge.

I use this product for relaxing my muscles. I went 20 years with a torn rotator before knowing and having surgery. This has reduced the inflammation and tight muscles around my shoulders and neck. It...

Great vape experience. This was the first vape pen I purchased and it worked excellent. I thought it would have lasted longer.

These gummies are the best thing I have ever found to help me sleep. Better than prescription sleeping pills. I would recommend them if you have trouble sleeping.

All of a sudden, I realized I was having a great day. I was relaxed, euphoric, and chilled. I was able to actually enjoy my day!

I was having trouble sleeping. These help tremendously. I get up to go to the bathroom and go right back to sleep. As you get older, sleep can be a real struggle. Well, at least good sleep! I...

Really mellow experience to the end of the work day. Also enjoyable enough for a night out.