1g Lifter Pre-Roll - 70mg Delta 8 THC - Chill Plus - 1 Joint

1g Lifter Pre-Roll - 70mg Delta 8 THC - Chill Plus - 1 Joint

Bask in the buzz of premium whole flower Delta-8 now in the sweet flavor of our world-renowned Lifter strain, all in one convenient pre-roll. Take this pre-roll — and the buzz — anywhere you go and enjoy all-natural hemp flower infused with Delta-8 THC, the all-new, novel cannabinoid with a completely legal high. And with 70mg of total cannabinoids underneath the hood, this buzz will last a long, long time. With Chill Plus Delta-8 Hemp Pre-Rolls in Lifter, you can enjoy a delicious buzz anywhere you desire.

For you aficionados out there, Lifter is the love child of two classic and well-loved strains of bud, Suver Haze, and Early Resin Bud. It’s a relative newcomer to the hemp market, so be sure to treat it nice. You’ll love the cheesy aroma that has just a hint of fuel. And now Chill Plus Delta-8 Hemp Pre-Rolls, take that delicious Lifter profile and fancy it up with Delta-8 THC.

And with 70mg of Delta-8 THC, Lifter will take you to new heights because you’re going to feel like you’re flying. But don’t worry because, unlike other cannabinoids, the buzz from Delta-8 THC is smooth, subtle, and all-around sweet. You’ll keep a clear head and still be able to take care of business thanks to the wonders of Delta-8 in this one-of-kind pre-roll from Chill Plus. But remember, you still have to be over 21 and don’t operate any heavy machinery.

Delta-8 THC offers users the only legal buzz available in the country. It’s legal thanks to the Farm Bill signed a few years ago. But it may not last too long, so you better hurry! All Chill Plus products are third-party tested for safety and security, and none of our products contain Vitamin E Acetate. The only thing you get with us is a smooth buzz that lasts into the night.

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Lifter Strain

Icon Sativa

Browse our Lifter collection and find high-quality cannabinoid products with Sativa effects.


Dominant Terpene


This terpene is known for its relaxing, sedating effects and is commonly found in foods like mangoes and lemongrass.

Other Terpenes


With mood-enhancing and discomfort-relieving properties, this terpene is commonly found in basil, cloves, and other spices.


Humulene has analgesic, mildly sedative, creative effects and is the characteristic terpene of hops.

Lifter Strain

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What is Hemp?

Hemp is cannabis with a Delta-9 THC concentration ≤ 0.3% by dry weight.

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Consumable hemp products are federally legal and permitted to ship over state lines.

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Very satisfying and the shipping was very fast I was very pleased with the product and I received

1g Bubba Kush Pre-Roll - 70mg Delta 8 THC - Chill Plus - 1 Joint

As someone who gets a little anxious on long road trips, I knew I needed something to take the edge off for my drive to Charlotte. I decided to try out one of these CBD pre-rolls after scoring a gift card.

Right out of the package, I could tell this was high-quality stuff. The roll had an enticing herbal aroma without any harsh or chemical smells. It lit easily and produced a nice, smooth smoke that wasn't harsh on the throat or lungs at all.

Within about 15 minutes of starting to smoke it, I could feel a wave of relaxation washing over me as we merged onto the highway. My usual road trip jitters melted away, but I didn't feel out of it or impaired at all. I just felt...chill. Pleasantly calm and at ease.

I slowly puffed away at the pre-roll over the first half of the trip, letting its effects carry me along in a blissful state of calm. I wasn't intoxicated, just just very de-stressed and able to full enjoy the scenery and my husband's company.

Whether you're embarking on a road trip or just need to unwind after a long day, I'd highly recommend picking up a few of these CBD pre-rolls. The smooth smoking experience and relaxing yet non-impairing effects get an A+ from me!

1g Lifter Pre-Roll - 70mg Delta 8 THC - Chill Plus - 1 Joint

It was very good not harsh. Had a amazing feeling after smoking this. Would highly recommend it

1g Lifter Pre-Roll - 70mg Delta 8 THC - Chill Plus - 1 Joint

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-roll?

As the name implies, a pre-roll is an already rolled joint. They come infused with many different cannabinoids, from delta 8 to HHC and more. 

How long does it take for a pre-roll to start working?

In most cases, you will be able to feel the effects of your pre-roll within 1-2 minutes, and they will last for 60-90 minutes after you have taken it.

Is it true that smoking hemp makes you high, just like smoking marijuana?

It depends on the cannabinoid. Hemp contains negligible amounts of THC, the chemical in marijuana which cause that high feeling. But hemp contains a number of other cannabinoids that do cause a high, including delta 8, HHC, and more. Hemp and marijuana come from the same genus of plant, cannabis sativa, and they are two different plants altogether.

How long will a pre-roll last?

The terpenes in a joint should last for about 12 months if you keep it in good condition. If it still smells good, that means the terpenes are still present.

How do you keep a pre-roll fresh?

You can maintain the freshness of your pre-rolls by storing them in a cool, dry place and avoiding overexposure to light and moisture.

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