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Made for individuals with a knack for creativity. Feel an inspiring buzz with these safe, legal, potent cannabinoids.


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Smells good and taste even better - smooth, crisp and fragrant. It’s sativa and it definitely gives me a boost in energy. I am extremely happy with the product!

Not as tart and tasty as they could be, but who buys these for the taste? At least for me, these are very effective for what they are. I usually consume 1/4 of a gummy at a time and have been very...

These are a great everyday high kinda buzz. All the Deltas are covered, gummies have that little extra "bite" that tells you there's THC present. Highly recommended

Great stuff… didn’t bring me down; yeah! Minds perk up a bit with motivation to move since we suffer from chronic pain. It’s nice to forget it if only for awhile. Thanks

One half of a gummy is perfect for my arthritis. Order came fast. Very satisfied

Good quality, arrived quickly. I would only start with a half a gummy to begin with. And then see how your body respond.

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