February 5, 2021

4 Reasons to Add Delta 8 to Your Life

Delta-8 is taking the world by storm and has quickly become one of our most popular products, selling out faster than even some of our classic brands of CBD oil. Although Delta-8 may be considered a minor cannabinoid, it’s had a significant effect on the consumer market for many reasons. Everyone can’t stop raving about the delicious flavors of Chill Plus Delta-8 Gummies. They absolutely love the different varieties of Chill Plus Delta-8 vapes that we now offer. And the fact that some of our Delta-8 vape products come with a rechargeable battery doesn’t hurt either.

But let’s be honest, what makes Delta-8 one of the most unique cannabinoids to hit the market in years is the high.

Yes, Delta-8 offers users like yourself an all-natural, hemp-derived high that’s 100 percent legal. It’s a hassle-free experience that leaves you floating on the clouds, and truth be told, who doesn’t love that? Sure, plenty of states have begun to legalize cannabis over the past few years, and CBD is one heck of a fantastic compound, but when it comes to Delta-8, the experience cannot be matched.

We first introduced Delta-8 slowly a little less than one year ago, thinking that some of you might show some interest. What we discovered was beyond our wildest dreams. Delta-8 is a product for which many of you have been clamoring. It’s something that goes beyond simple consumer demand. The truth is, this new and novel cannabinoid has started a revolution. For far too long, consumers like yourself have relied on the idea that the government can control what you do in your free time.

With Delta-8, you can take back control. Delta-8 allows you to be yourself, to do what you want, when you want it. It’s pure freedom, made from all-natural hemp.

Of course, we can’t say how long that freedom will last. Even today, the government is looking for ways to ban Delta-8, even though they legalized it themselves just two years ago (see the Farm Bill of 2018). But what we can tell you is that there are many ways to enjoy that freedom right now. So, now is the time to stock up on Delta-8 before the government comes in and bans it.

Here are four reasons to add Delta-8 to your life.

4 Reasons to Add Delta 8 to Your Life
With Delta-8, you can take back control. Delta-8 allows you to be yourself, to do what you want, when you want it. It’s pure freedom, made from all-natural hemp.

An Important Note About Delta-8

Before we begin, let’s review a couple of essential facts about Delta-8. Your favorite cannabinoid is legal — for now. In 2018, when Congress passed the latest version of the Farm Bill, they, in their supreme wisdom, legalized hemp. In doing so, they ended the debate over whether or not any cannabinoids derived from hemp are now legal. 

This is why CBD is now and forever will be completely legal. And it’s why Delta-8 is legal now too. But, as some folks have noted, it all falls into a legal gray area. If it sounds confusing, that’s because it is. Let’s explain.

See, Delta-8 can be derived from both hemp and cannabis. At the federal level, as we all know, cannabis is illegal.  On the other hand, hemp is legal. What does this mean for you? It means that Delta-8 cultivated from hemp is perfectly fine and Delta-8 cultivated from cannabis is… not. The thing is, Delta-8 is Delta-8. It’s the same compound no matter from which plant it is cultivated. We know that. You know that. Everyone except the politicians in Washington seem to know that. 

So, even though all of our Delta-8 comes from 100 percent legal hemp, there’s always a chance it could be banned. 

“And unlike Delta-9, Delta-8 is significantly cheaper, making it a viable option for some people looking for a short uplifting feeling without being intoxicated,” wrote Rolling Stone recently. “But judging by how much attention Delta-8 has been getting by law enforcement, the trend might be short-lived. Despite the burgeoning success of Delta-8 over the past year, any day can be the cannabinoid’s last.”

What that means is, stock up on Delta-8 while you can. And write to your local Congressperson, letting them know that Delta-8 should remain legal.

4 Reasons to Add Delta 8 to Your Life
So, even though all of our Delta-8 comes from 100 percent legal hemp, there’s always a chance it could be banned. 

Combining CBD and Delta-8 Makes for a Smooth and Subtle Buzz

One of the reasons you need more Delta-8 in your life is because you can combine it with CBD for a smooth and subtle buzz. Diamond CBD’s innovative new offering in the hemp-derived edibles market includes a combination of two, the latter of which offers users a novel, completely legal psychotropic high. This combination is now available in some of your favorite products, such as Chill Plus Delta Force Squares, a delicious hemp edible that's available in so many wonderful flavors that you won't know where to start.

The Chill Plus brand has, for years provided consumers with some of the best hemp-derived products on the market, and now, with the mix of CBD and Delta-8, it’s become one of our top-selling products. Delta-8 is changing how everyone interacts with hemp. When you combine CBD with Delta-8, your buzz takes on a whole new meaning, allowing you to function properly while still experiencing something magical. 

Chill Plus Delta Force Squares are strong Delta-8 gummies that give you a subtle “buzz” thanks to an infusion of our all-natural organic CBD isolate, a compound that creates synergy with your favorite new cannabinoid. So try CBD mixed with Delta-8 today. It will change your life!

Vaping Delta-8 Is a Unique Experience

One of the best ways to enjoy Delta-8 is through vaping. You may already know about our Chill Plus family of products, but recently we brought back some of our much-loved vape additives under our Diamond label and Liquid Gold label due to high customer demand. We’ve added Delta-8 to both of these products, creating a unique experience unlike anything else on the market today. These two vape additives are the ideal way to enhance your favorite e-juice.

Customers love our new Delta-8 vapes. Liquid Gold and Diamond Vapes send users like you into the stratosphere thanks to the fantastic (but subtle) buzz. As you may know, vape additives are a well-sought after commodity in the hemp industry, especially among users who prefer to use their own mix of e-juices and vaping solutions. For years, Diamond CBD-branded vape additives were a best-seller among a core group of customers at a time when the industry was in its infancy, and vaping was a do-it-yourself venture among aficionados. Now, vaping is back, thanks to the growth and popularity of Delta-8.

So add some Delta-8 vapes to your daily routine. Again, it will change your life!

Delta-8 Is About More Than Just the Buzz

Sure, everyone is buzzed about the buzz from Delta-8. After all, an all-natural hemp-based product that delivers a unique, completely legal high is nothing to scoff at. But consumers love Delta-8 for more than just the buzz. In fact, Delta-8 has many benefits that we’re just beginning to learn about.

Although the research on Delta-8 is in its infancy, we know that many people love to use Delta-8 in the evenings as a way to relax or chill out from a stressful day on the job. Delta-8 is a great compound to use with friends as well. It’s excellent in social situations. Some like to say that Delta-8 is a fantastic icebreaker. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Why do you use Delta-8? Is it for the buzz, or is it something more? Send us a letter and let us know how Delta-8 benefits you!

4 Reasons to Add Delta 8 to Your Life
Customers love our new Delta-8 vapes. Liquid Gold and Diamond Vapes send users like you into the stratosphere thanks to the fantastic (but subtle) buzz.

Delta-8 Is Versatile

Besides the buzz and the benefits, Delta-8 is one of the most versatile cannabinoids to hit the mainstream in a few years. In only the past few months alone, we’ve introduced a variety of Delta-8 products, including Delta-8 edibles, Delta-8 vape products, Delta-8 distillates, and more. Our Chill Plus CBD Oil with Delta-8 has quickly grown to become one of our most popular products with consumers such as yourself, used in various ways. 

The truth is, Delta-8 is as versatile, if not more so, than CBD. And, as mentioned before, when the two are combined, they become an unstoppable force. IT’s all due to the power of all-natural, organic, non-GMO hemp. USed as part of your daily routine, it can truly enhance your lifestyle.

So Why Do You Use Delta-8?

Users continue to flock to Delta-8 as they enjoy the freedom of a cannabinoid that offers one of the few legal highs in the country that, at the same time, gives them the ability to maintain full control of their senses. It offers you the sensation of floating on the clouds while keeping your feet firmly placed here on earth.

So let us know why you use Delta-8 and how you have incorporated it into your daily routine. And let us know what your favorite Delta-8 product is. We love to see how all of our products are benefiting consumers like you!