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My elderly dauchshund dog, Blue, loves his cbd! Even though he's under 10 lbs i give him a dropper full, 1 mil, twice a day. Once in the morning and then again in the evening. I tried cutting him back to 1 in the eve but he does much better with 2 mils daily. I'm so grateful for this product that i bought 2 more bottles and will continue giving him this cbd until he passes from this plane. Thank you for such a wonderful product at a great price!
My dog absolutely loves these and they really seem to chill him out. He struggles with a bit of anxiety and I give these to him anytime we go in the car, give him a bath, clip his claw, etc. and it makes a noticeable difference in his comfort level. Highly recommend.
Does great for my furrbaby and "gift" for me..."loved them!! Thank you Diamond CBD...HHC

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