For Dogs Products Are Premium Hemp-Infused Items For Sale ($26-$50)

Customer Reviews

Our elderly dog takes several medications each day. This one is definitely her favorite. They seem to have greatly improved her mobility.
It works and it doesn’t lol. My dog is a complete psychopath, I mean break through the crate and eat the house kinda crazy. Especially during a storm or if she is feeling some sort of way. If we are just chilling or I know we have guests coming and I pop three of these babies in her mouth she’s chillin. She’s 60 pounds for reference. I do give her like one or two some days just for the hell of it when we leave. I also give her anxiety drugs during storms and that doesn’t do anything 😂. So I guess if your dog doesn’t turn into Hannibal lecter during a storm then these babies will work for you!
These definitely have helped my Labrador through some thunderstorms. I just recently bought two more bottles. It’s been thunderstorms almost daily where I live.

Normally my dog runs around breathing heavy, drooling and will pace from room to room. The combination of these cbd treats and his thundershirt have him much calmer and quicker than ever.

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