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Fantasy designs products for grounded yet dreamy individuals. By combining hemp and mushroom, two organic ingredients that are definitive proof that Mother Earth does in fact love humanity, they can make all your buzzy dreams (or dare we say, Fantasies) come true.
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Just fantastic! They taste ok and least for me...quite powerful and long lasting. It only takes 1/4 of a gummy to provide a powerful and lasting buzz.
These are a favorite! Knocks out pain and relaxes me with a really nice buzz. Started off with only 1/4 of one and omg it was potent. Now after months of taking them I take any where from a 1/4 to a 1/2 and no more. These lil delights are packed with potency
I'm a fan it's strong stuff so start slow. I cut each gummy in 4 at first to see how it would hit and worked my way up from there. Best way to end the day.

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