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I have been using CAnna Slim since March, 24. I take one daily. On the weekend I take 2 daily. I am starting to see
and feel a slight weight loss. I don't get the munchies on
the weekend as bad as I used to. I will continue using this
product as long as I continue seeing the scale go down.
Like with anyting else, as long as you see progress, don not give up. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.

Common Questions

CBDV Capsules - Take Two and Call Us In the Morning!

What are CBDV capsules? CBDV capsules, sometimes styled CBDv capsules, are brand new to the cannabinoid market. But why would you choose CBDV capsules over other cannabinoid products available today? And what are the benefits of using CBDV capsules rather than other products?

Products with a buzz are at the forefront of most people's minds. These capsules are rarely discussed, mainly when more popular products like Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, and HHC are being discussed. However, CBDV is an excellent addition to the arsenal of cannabinoid supplements. Why?

To begin, CBDV is a varin cannabinoid. It contains three carbons on its alkyl side chains and comes in an acid form - CBDVA, for example. Other examples of this group of compounds include THCV, CBGV, and CBCV. So why try CBDV capsules? Well, let's find out!

CBDV - What Is It?

To understand CBDV capsules, we need first to understand CBDV. What is CBDV, and why have we only recently heard about it? Moreover, what is the purpose of CBDV capsules?

CBDV or cannabidivarin is one of the many cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants - plants that contain 100s of cannabinoids. While other cannabinoids have been studied in some depth, compounds like CBD, delta 8, and THC, CBDV, have only been researched for the past few decades. And we only know a little about this fascinating compound to boot. What we know for sure is:

  • CBDv is similar to CBD.
  • CBDv is not identical to CBD.
  • CBDv is a varin-type cannabinoid, like THCV.
  • CBDv does not get you high.
  • CBDv has some wellness effects.

Everything else is speculation or needs more research. Researchers have yet to figure out how CBDV can fully help users and its full potential. Scientists are just beginning to understand how CBDV can be used as a supplement. Meanwhile, consumers and researchers are only starting to take notice of products like CBDV capsules, which are often combined with THCV.

CBDV research has been delayed for several reasons. Large quantities of the cannabinoid are expensive and difficult to find — it constitutes less than 1% of a hemp plant. It's not as popular as CBD or other compounds (delta 8, for example). The market isn't yet for products like CBDv capsules, so research funding isn't available.

But research is essential. Scientists do know that some hemp plants contain more CBDV than others. Some breeders have also found a way to create plants that yield more CBDV. They're developing strains of hemp and marijuana that contain higher levels of cannabinoids. But even this route won't get researchers as far as they need. Like delta 8, scientists will need a push from the lab.

Currently, research is just in its preliminary stages, but several studies have focused on its potential to treat significant disorders. But the research is essential, as CBDV has much potential. It may help with many conditions, including weight loss. It is even more interesting to take CBDV in capsule form.

How Are CBDV Capsules Made?

CBDV is found mainly in landrace indica strains of hemp. This compound, used to make CBDV capsules, is very difficult to find in the open. Why? For starters, landrace is extremely rare. There are only a few countries in which they are present, including Mexico, India, and Pakistan. You'll typically find such hemp plants in warm-weather countries.

There are various methods for cultivating and extracting CBDv, all of which are difficult. With traditional extraction methods, there is no way to produce and sell CBDV capsules to the general public. With such a minute amount of the cannabinoid available to those interested in cultivating it, simple extractions, especially on a mass scale, are impossible.

To produce high-quality, premium CBDV capsules, manufacturers must ensure that CBDV is extracted correctly. However, hemp and cannabis plants do not naturally contain large amounts of CBDV, so manufacturers look to science for help.

Cellular Agriculture (CA) is a biotechnology process that — without diving too much into the specifics — can increase the number of crops cultivated or extracted. With something called "cellular agriculture," scientists can increase their yield tenfold. Typically used to bring food to areas during times of famine, it can also help to extract cannabinoids in more significant quantities. As CBDV is produced in much fewer quantities than CBD, cellular agriculture seems to be the future for this unique compound!

This will make CBDV capsules and other cannabinoids available to thousands of people.

Manufacturing CBDV Capsules

Once CBDV is extracted, it is then manufactured into CBDV capsules, a fascinating process in its own right. How do companies put cannabinoids into soft gel capsules? The process goes something like this:

  • Molten gel is pumped into a machine.
  • Thin gelatin ribbons are formed.
  • The ribbons are fed through machines that form the capsule's size and shape.
  • A fill injector measures the CBDV and dispenses it via a pump.
  • Then the CBDV capsule halves are sealed with heat and pressure.

Making CBDV capsules is a bit more complicated, but generally, those are the basic steps. It's all very high precision, as soft gel manufacturing allows accurate capsule filling at the highest level. Still, as with any capsule product, the manufacturing process must be watched to ensure precision. It's vital that companies control all aspects of the process, including gelatin temperature, ribbon width, seam width, and fill quantity. If even one part is off, just a little, everything can go wrong.

Once the CBDV capsules are manufactured, they are ready to dry and packaged. The cannabinoid-filled capsules are dried to remove excess moisture in tumblers filled with forced air. Manufacturers may place them on trays and dry them in climate-controlled rooms. Here the outer shell will harden. Shells made of gelatin begin with about 30% water, evaporating to under 10%.

The benefits of CBDV capsules over pills or hard shell products are apparent. They are easy to swallow, simple to use as part of a daily routine, and have improved bioavailability over other forms of CBDV.

What Are the Benefits of CBDV Capsules?

What are the benefits of CBDV capsules? Why choose CBDV capsules over other forms such as oils, edibles, or vapes? First and foremost, with CBDV capsules, you can begin a daily regimen that's quick and easy. Pop two capsules every morning — no muss; no fuss. The capsule is then broken down in the digestive tract and absorbed into your bloodstream.

CBDV capsules have several other benefits:

  • They last longer. Be warned that CBDV capsules take longer to work. As capsules, they have to pass through your digestive system. However, this means they last longer, sometimes all day.
  • CBDV capsules are easier to administer. You can easily monitor your dose because they come in pre-measured sizes. Be careful, though, because individual doses depend on age, weight, tolerance, and other things.
  • CBDV capsules have numerous wellness benefits. In terms of its wellness properties (i.e., relaxation, sleep, relief), CBDV is very similar to CBD. The most significant difference is that CBD is much more prevalent in hemp plants.
  • CBDV capsules are also effective for weight loss and weight management. They work best when combined with THCV.
  • CBDV capsules have no high and no mind-altering effects. There are no psychoactive effects associated with CBDV, which is why it helps maintain various body functions.

If you're just starting CBDV, capsules are a great option. They can help boost your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and support long-term wellness. The ECS is known to help regulate sleep, appetite, mood, temperature, inflammation, and more. Please note that our supplements are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any ailment or condition.

Our CBDV products are backed by the US Food and Drug Administration, but according to FDA guidelines, we cannot make any claims about the effectiveness of CBD or CBDV products.

As CBDV capsules and other products are new to the market, the research is still in its infancy. And as with all cannabinoid products, health claims are not allowed, as per the FDA. But we encourage you to check out the countless personal testimonials available online regarding CBDV and CBDV capsules.

CBDV Capsules - Will You Lose Weight?

The jury is still out on whether CBDV capsules work alone as weight loss products. but the compound is often available combined with weight loss-related cannabinoids such as THCV. When CBDV is included in a product blend, usually with THCV, the combination may enhance its weight loss properties.

Could CBDV capsules help you lose weight? Researchers recently discovered that a blended hemp product containing multiple cannabinoids, including CBDV, CBD, THCV, and other compounds, helped users lose weight. Cannabinoids alone won't shed the pounds, though. There is no such thing as a "miracle" weight loss cure (or capsule!). You need diet and exercise too.

THCV has a reputation as a weight loss compound that promotes weight loss. For now, CBDV works well when combined with THCV, but we're not sure how well it will encourage weight loss alone.

Why Choose CBDV Capsules?

CBDV capsules are one of the most unique products to hit the cannabis scene in a long while. Following a plethora of compounds, all fighting to see which can offer the strongest, most potent high, CBDV comes and offers something different. It’s a cannabinoid product designed to promote your natural wellness, your body’s natural ability to lose weight, and boost your ECS. With CBDV capsules, you can feel balanced and centered.

  • CBDV capsules are new and exciting. Why choose CBDV capsules? Here are just a few reasons:
  • CBDV capsules are a quick and easy cannabinoid product to add to your daily routine. Just pop two pills and go about your day.
  • CBDV capsules are safe — although the research is still young, all products are third-party tested for safety and efficacy, guaranteeing that you’re only buying the best.
  • CBDV capsules are combined with a THCV blend for the best weight loss product on the cannabinoid market. They help promote your body’s natural ability to lose weight (though diet and exercise are a must!).
  • All our CBDV capsules, like all our cannabinoids, are sourced from all-natural hemp grown here in the USA!
  • You’ll find total transparency with our CBDV capsules — lab reports online and all ingredients posted on every label.
  • Our CBDv capsules are 100% organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, herbicide-free, fertilizer-free, and chemical-free.

So if what you seek is something new that doesn’t give you a buzz — something that’s simple and easy to take, give CBDV capsules a try today!