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CBD Bath Bombs: Dip Your Toes in Relaxation

CBD has been renowned for centuries for its many wellness benefits. People smoke it, vape it, eat it, and drink it, but one of the most underrated ways to enjoy the properties of the compound is taking CBD baths.

CBD bath bombs are the relaxing, grounding, and soothing self-care tool your life needs!

What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD bath bombs are compacted, single-use spherical blends of soothing extracts and oils that you can toss in your tub before taking a bath. Essentially, they are like regular bath bombs with the added bonus of the soothing and relaxing properties of CBD!

The Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

No matter how you use CBD, the compound has been loved for centuries for its long list of wellness benefits. Of course, eating a CBD edible or hitting a CBD vape would have different effects on your body, but there are some things that CBD always offer, such as:

  • Chronic pain management
  • Better sleep
  • Stress regulation
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

CBD bath bombs in specific, however, offer a wide and interesting variety of benefits for those who soak in them.


First things first, adding a CBD bath bomb to your typical warm bath will boost your relaxation. Our endocannabinoid systems are responsible for regulating bodily mechanisms like mood, appetite, and even memory. Cannabinoids like CBD help induce relaxation and relieve stress by interacting with the system to prompt a reaction.

CBD + Epsom Salt = Match Made in Heaven

Epsom salts have also been known to help relax and soothe sore muscles, especially when added to baths. But Epsom salt and CBD together? That’s what we call a dream team. The two compounds work so well together that combining them means more relaxation, a bigger mood boost, and a wider range of benefits.

Skin Care

Another amazing aspect of CBD-infused baths is skin care. The combination of hot water and Epsom salt increases your blood flow and opens pores, which allows toxins to flow out of your body and CBD and other essential oils to flow in. This nourishes the skin, giving you a youthful glow and the feeling of soft skin. It can also help with various skin issues, such as redness and irritation caused by eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Pain Relief

CBD bath bombs are a terrific way to unwind after a hard, painful day. Not only does the heat from the water help muscles relax, but CBD anti-inflammatory properties also get right to work on relieving pain for muscles and joints. As a matter of fact, CBD baths have even been said to help those suffering from menstrual cramps!


The humidity caused by your hot bath also acts as a medium for CBD and other essential oils to enter the body directly. This helps in aromatherapy, which has been known to boost immunity, improve sleep quality, alleviate headaches, and reduce stress. Some of the most common essential oils include eucalyptus, spearmint, and citrus—all of which are available in our line of bath bombs.

Rapid Relief

Due to the combination of hot water and Epsom salts, increased blood flow and open pores allow CBD to enter the bloodstream at a rapid pace. This means that you can get benefits like relief from discomfort, improved sleep, stress relief, and a mood boost from a CBD bath!

How To Use A CBD Bath Bomb

CBD bath bombs are pretty simple to use. They typically contain CBD oil combined with essential oils and other fragrances, promoting all of the aforementioned benefits. Once the bomb meets the water, they will begin to fizz and dissolve, releasing all the goodness of CBD, essential oils, and any other added fragrance.

In order to use a bath bomb, you just need to follow four simple steps:

  1. Fill up a tub with warm water
  2. Drop the bath bomb in once tub is full
  3. Wait for it to dissolve
  4. Jump in, the water’s fine!

Some types of bath bombs leave a bit of a residue in the tub, so some people like to rinse of their tub once they’re done with their bath. It may be a good idea to rise or wipe off any residual powders before calling it a night in order to avoid any staining.

CBD Bath Bombs vs. CBD Bath Salts

While it’s true that bath bombs are a fun, fizzy way to reap the properties of CBD, we’ve also got a long list of other CBD bath products that will prove just as beneficial. CBD bath salts, for example, are strikingly similar to CBD bath bombs, except they don’t contain the ingredients that make bath bombs colorful and fizzy.

Additionally, bath salts are primarily used in detox baths because the minerals in the salts detoxify the body.

Bath salts alone are known to:

  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain
  • Relieve congestion
  • Soothe dry, itchy, or irritated skin

Adding CBD to your bath salts, however, is a whole new world. It moisturizes skin, may reduce infections and skin conditions, and allows the CBD to soak into the underlying muscles, tissue, and bloodstream.

Using bath salts is pretty similar to using CBD bath bombs:

  1. Measure out bath salts based on instructions
  2. Fill tub with warm water
  3. Pour the bath salts in as the water is running
  4. Hop in!

Why Choose Diamond’s CBD Bath Bombs

There are many retailers out there offering CBD bath bombs, so why choose us? All of our CBD bath products—and all our other cannabinoid products, for that matter—come from hemp sourced from local farms in the United States. Our hemp is organic and free from pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, or other harmful chemicals. Our products are then third-party lab tested for potency and contaminants, ensuring a worry-free cannabinoid experience. This makes us unrivaled in safety, quality, and purity.

  • Our products are sourced from all-natural industrial hemp grown legally in the United States.
  • We produce the finest and purest CBD oils without ever compromising quality.
  • Our ingredients are listed on our website and on every individual package.
  • Our products are third-party lab tested for purity and potency.
  • We provide lab reports that are available on our website.
  • Our hemp is 100% organic and free of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and chemicals.
  • Our customer experience team is ready to help answer your questions, comments, or concerns.

CBD Bath Bombs: Final Thoughts

CBD bath bombs are the ultimate way to relax with CBD. Soothing, hydrating, and pain reducing, these products are the perfect way to end a stressful day.

With properties like pain relief, fast action, and aromatherapy, bath bombs are a way to enjoy the benefits of CBD unlike anything else!

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