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Broad Spectrum CBD Products

Broad Spectrum CBD Products are all-natural, hemp-derived cannabinoids made popular because of their wellness properties. These products are available in many forms, including gummies and oils. Most people enjoy Broad Spectrum CBD Products for their ability to help maintain wellness.  
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Excellent product. One gummy helps ease my chronic pain without having to take pain pills.
Best product by far for relaxing and sleep. Always great customer service and fast shipping
Excellent product and quick delivery. Everyone that I have dealt with has been very friendly and professional, and has always made my experience a very pleasant one. I definitely recommend them and give them 5 SOLID STARS!

Common Questions

Broad Spectrum CBD Products – All Benefits, No Buzz

With broad spectrum CBD, you get all the wellness benefits of CBD plus an added advantage of the properties associated with other compounds in hemp. Although this formula excludes THC, it still contains plenty of other cannabinoids and terpenes that will give you all the benefits of the entourage effect.

For a well-rounded and THC-free CBD experience, go for broad spectrum CBD!

What Are Broad Spectrum CBD Products?

Broad spectrum CBD products are CBD products that contain a range of naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plants, except for THC. Broad spectrum CBD formulas often have elements like cannabinol; cannabichromene; and terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, or pinene.

Broad spectrum CBD is an excellent example of the entourage effect, a process through which different compounds in the cannabis plant act together to enhance one another’s effects and benefits.

The broad-spectrum formula offers all the benefits of CBD, including:

  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Neuroprotection
  • Anti-nausea properties
  • Mitigation of symptoms of anxiety

Additionally, broad-spectrum CBD offers the advantages of consuming the other compounds found in hemp plants.

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate

There are three main types of CBD: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate.

You’ve already heard about broad-spectrum CBD. It’s CBD that contains traces of other compounds in the cannabis plant, with the exception of THC. While it has been proven to have more benefits than isolate, it does not have as many benefits as full-spectrum CBD due to the nature of the entourage effect.

Full spectrum CBD products contain all the compounds found in cannabis, including low doses of THC. This makes the entourage effect stronger in this formula, thus making it more beneficial than other CBD formulas. Full spectrum CBD is also the most natural form of CBD because it undergoes the least amount of processing. Although full spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC, it will usually not cause psychoactive effects.

The third and final type of CBD is CBD isolate. As their name may suggest, CBD isolate products are the purest, most refined form of isolated CBD there is. It contains no traces of cannabinoids, terpenes, or other plant compounds. Although CBD isolate will still offer the full benefits of CBD, it is not as effective as other, broader forms of CBD because there is no entourage effect.

So, to summarize, full-spectrum CBD products contain traces of other natural compounds including THC, broad-spectrum CBD contains traces of other natural compounds excluding THC, and CBD isolate contains CBD only.

How Does Diamond Manufacture Broad Spectrum CBD?

Making broad spectrum CBD takes less processing than CBD isolate—after extracting the CBD, isolate needs to undergo further refining and processing in order to achieve full CBD purity. Broad spectrum extracts are manufactured similarly to full-spectrum CBD, but with one extra step.

First, raw hemp material is soaked in a solvent. At Diamond, we use carbon dioxide. This is the cleanest, safest extraction method that creates a full-spectrum hemp oil rich in CBD. Next, chromatography is used to separate the THC from the rest of the mixture. This process leaves all other phytochemicals intact.

This results in a THC-free extract that remains rich in CBD along with other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients naturally found in hemp. Although this process seems pretty simple and straightforward, it must be administered by trained professionals in order to achieve a safe, consumable product. At Diamond CBD, we only trust the best scientists to carry out this process.

Broad Spectrum CBD Products vs Other CBD Products

All broad-spectrum CBD products are CBD products, but not all CBD products are broad spectrum CBD products. As we mentioned before, CBD comes in three main types: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate.

We’ve already been over the differences between these three types of CBD, but the type you choose depends on what effects you’re looking for. If you want the full benefits of the entourage effect as CBD interacts with compounds like THC and terpenes, you should go for full-spectrum CBD. If you still want the entourage effect but prefer to stay away from THC, go for broad-spectrum CBD. If you want only CBD and nothing more, CBD isolates are for you.

Broad Spectrum CBD Products vs Delta 8

Delta 8 and CBD are two fundamentally different compounds. While they both help with pain relief, relaxation, and anxiety relief, they have one key difference. While CBD is non-psychoactive, delta 8 products will get you high.

Even when choosing full-spectrum CBD, its THC levels are nowhere near high enough for significant psychoactive effects. With broad-spectrum CBD’s total exclusion of THC, the chances for a nice buzz are nonexistent. With delta 8, however, users get a fun, mild buzz.

Is Broad Spectrum CBD Safe?

Absolutely! As long as you source your broad-spectrum CBD from a reputable and reliable retailer, your products are 100% safe to consume. Because the FDA is not involved in monitoring the distribution or production of hemp-derived cannabinoids, it is up to individual manufacturers to set their own standards for safety and purity.

At Diamond CBD, our cannabinoids are made using organic, all-American hemp free from pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful carcinogens. Our products undergo rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure purity, potency, and efficiency. This means that you can reap the benefits of your broad-spectrum CBD products without worrying about the quality of your products!

Broad Spectrum CBD Products: Final Thoughts

Broad spectrum CBD products are the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of the entourage effect without the risk of interacting with THC. Providing pain relief, anti-inflammation, and relaxation, our broad-spectrum CBD products are here to help you navigate the stresses of life.

Try broad-spectrum CBD today for a buzz-free array of benefits!