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Browse our collection of products for cats, available in a variety of flavors and strengths and infused with premium, safe, legal cannabinoids.  
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My cat loves it, and it's so much easier to dose than Prozac, which the cat smelled and tasted no matter how I tried disguising it. This CBD oil is fully accepted by my pet, and I just put a dropper full on her treats and she munches them right down. She has stopped chewing her fur, and picking on the other cat. I'm very happy with this product, and plan to continue buying it.
Super happy with the cat treats. My boys are much more relaxed, less anxiety and just all around happier. The harmony is wonderful. Will be ordering more. THANK YOU!!
Tartar control with CBD for cats. Yes, another win for Princess. She was interested in the treats as soon as the jar was opened. I did go ahead and give her the full dose of 3 treats. Not only did get her teeth cleaned, she totally chilled. There was also a delta sample for me. Take a look at their products. The delta was fire.

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