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Fantasy designs products for grounded yet dreamy individuals. By combining hemp and mushroom, two organic ingredients that are definitive proof that Mother Earth does in fact love humanity, they can make all your buzzy dreams (or dare we say, Fantasies) come true.


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These give a really nice floaty high but they are sooooo strong! I had been taking double dosage of the gummies I had before these and for these when I had the recommended 1/4 gummy serving I got way...

Whoa!!! This was definitely worth it. Slow, smooth start, then... we were very very pleased with the product. Very powerful, and long lasting.... thank you.

Just a quarter piece puts you in la-la land.. It's worth the bread, man. This stuff will put you far out and trippy.

A very relaxing experience- I only take 1/3 of it but it’s enough. It’s actually stronger than other brands’ D9 gummies for me.

Super relaxing, I only take like 1/3 of a gummy though but that’s all I need. It’s stronger than a Delta 9 for me personally.

Potent! Makes for a good sleep. Dries my eyes though. Nice high. Recommended these gummies

Wow! Good stuff, only not for the novice! Perfect for when you’re looking for a good high! Long lasting too 👍🏼

So far these are better than dispensary gummies as far as I've experienced. Definitely my go to!

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

What types of cannabinoids does Fantasy sell?

Fantasy sells products with a blend of cannabinoids that include Delta 8, Delta 9, and THCP. These products are designed to offer unique benefits and effects.

Are Fantasy products safe to consume?

Fantasy products are generally safe to consume when used responsibly and following the recommended guidelines

What are Fantasy products all about?

Fantasy products are all about promoting imagination, creativity, and inner peace using all-natural, organic ingredients. They combine hemp and mushrooms to create products that cater to grounded yet dreamy individuals.