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The Bee Buzz’n Twist vape pen is a variable voltage push button vape pen that is powered by Honeystick technology. You adjust this high-powered 500mAh battery between 2.0v and 4.0v by turning the knob found on the edge of the vape battery tip. The preheat function is activated through its push button. This vaporizer is a simple, straight-forward design with a lot of power behind it to vape the thickest of concentrates.


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What makes B-Buzz’n vape batteries so good?

Ah, where to start? B-Buzz’n vape pens are powered by Honeystick technology. The 500mAh battery is adjustable between 2.0v and 4.0v, allowing you to take complete control over the strength and potency of your product. The preheat function is activated through the push of a button, and its simple, straight-forward design leaves no room for confusion or difficulty of usage. These products allow you to cut through the thickest concentrates hassle-free. This is simplicity at the push of a button!

Does B-Buzz’n sell cannabinoid products?

B-Buzz’n specializes in vape pen batteries made using the most advanced technology in the vape battery game today. Although they don’t make cannabinoid products, enjoying a smooth, buzzy vaping cartridge wouldn’t be possible without their batteries!

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