May 9, 2018

What You Need To Know About Travelling With CBD Oil And Hemp Oil On An Airplane

Okay, the last thing any of us wants is to be stopped at an airport security check and pulled aside for suspected drug smuggling, and then get dragged off to a penitentiary for 20 years. Anyway, let’s talk about how to sneak your CBD oil and hemp oil onto a plane. (Personally, we prefer CBD Flavored Hemp Oil when we travel, Butterscotch Flavor CBD Oil is great for a long flight.)

Hint: The TSA Couldn’t Care LESS About Your CBD.

Just so you know, that opening sentence was a joke to illustrate a point. Taking CBD oil or hemp oil onto a plane is totally not illegal and shouldn’t concern you in the least.

First off, to alleviate some fear right off the bat—as they say in baseball—even if CBD was an illegal drug (which it’s not), the Transportation Security Administration—A.K.A., the TSA—the organization charged with airport security, does not make it a policy to check travelers for personal drugs. They’re far more interested in gun toters and Shoe Bombers (well, I guess they missed that Shoe Bomber guy, but you get the idea.)

Those dogs you occasionally see sniffing around? They aren’t looking for drugs, and they sure aren’t looking for hemp oil or CBD oil. They’re looking for gunpowder and explosives.

And those “guards” you see screening people and their luggage as they go through security? They aren’t going to pull you and your carry-on aside because you’re carrying some capsules or a dropper bottle. Never mind going through the process of determining what’s in every bottle and capsule every traveler is carrying.

So, you’re good to go, my friends.

All this being said, if you’re still concerned that you could conceivably come across an airplane mall cop who wants to feel important and is completely ignorant of the fact that both hemp oil and CBD oil are legal and wants to make a little stink over it (we’ve never once heard of this happening) there are few things you can do to ease your worried mind.

Check Your CBD Oil

The first thing you can do to ease your mind a little is to keep your CBD oil or hemp oil in your checked baggage. The folks that rummage through your stuff on occasion are looking for bombs and guns and money, not gummy bears. They’re way too busy to spend even one brain cell thinking about your hemp or CBD oil.

Don’t Carry Weapons In Your Carry-Ons

Of course, this goes without saying. Let’s say you really want your CBD on your person because you get a little anxious on planes and it helps you relax. Two things to note here:

  • Your CBD is not going to set off any alarms on the x-ray machine.
  • If you’re carrying it in your pocket, it’s not going to set off the metal detector nor the bomb sniffer.

But if you’re still concerned—which you shouldn’t be at this point—only take enough for the trip. Put a few CBD gummies or CBD capsules in a baggie in your carry-on or in your pocket. (Don’t wrap them in aluminum foil.) And make sure there’s nothing that looks like it could be a bomb or a gun or a weapon of any kind in your bag. And put all your metal in the plastic bowl. It’s that simple. You won’t raise one single TSA eyebrow hair.

Repackage Your CBD Oil

If you want to reduce unnecessary rumination even further, just repackage your CBD oil. Put it in a baggie or an unmarked jar or sack. Again, there’s no way in heck any TSA agent is going to consider what’s in every single bottle in yours and everyone else’s stuff. Again, just don’t package them in metal or foil.


We’re not telling you that you should do these things. They are totally not necessary. We’re just offering some advice if you are the inconsolably nervous type. There’s really no reason to take any of these steps because, as we said above, it’s not an issue that the TSA cares about one iota.

Throw a few gummies or capsules in your carry-on if you want some on the plane, and go about business, as usual, knowing that you’re total, 100% good to go.

And finally, never let them see you sweat. (Just kidding.)