April 19, 2018

The Top 5 Absolutely Best Hemp Oil Products For A Wonderful 420

CBD hemp oil lovers have got a lot to celebrate this 420. And plenty of places to do so—legally. We thought we’d point out a few must-have CBD products this 420 weekend for you to be able to enjoy the celebration to the fullest.

Diamond Full-Spectrum CBD Oils

If you’re a true cannabinoid lover, you want a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in your CBD-infused hemp oil. You’ll definitely want to have some of our most popular full Spectrum CBD oil on hand for 420. "Full Spectrum" refers to hemp oil that features all the same cannabinoids and terpenes present in the original plant.

You can choose between Full-Spectrum MCT Oil, Full-Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil, and Full-Spectrum Vape Drip/Oil. These can be used as drops, added to your vape mix, and even applied topically to keep your skin moisturized on a hot, sunny 420. Our full-spectrum oils are also now available in vape tanks.

Diamond CBD Fatty Loose Herbs

You love to savor the flavor of your favorite buds, but don’t want the bud buzz? Perhaps you’re working this 420; you need to keep your wits about you, but you’d still like to celebrate. If that’s the case, you need to get some of our new line of CBD Fatty Loose Herbs. It's a blend of 100% all-natural dried Indian and Himalayan herbs that offer a smooth smoking experience. The herbs are then infused with a full 100 milligrams of our purest, highest quality, extreme-strength CBD.

For a finishing touch, we add rich, velvety, terpene flavors to these CBD-infused hemp oils. (Terpenes are the sticky-icky oils that give cannabis its aroma and flavor.) The herbs are perfectly shredded for rolling and come in a big 10-gram jar. Check out this article for more info on this product.

Liquid Gold Vape Tanks

Diamond CBD's premium line of CBD vape oils now come in a disposable tank for the ultimate in portability and convenience. Liquid Gold replacement tanks fit standard vape battery packs letting you use them with your favorite gear while relieving you of the drag of constantly cleaning and refilling tanks.

The Liquid Gold line is Diamond CBD's premier line of top-quality vapable CBD. In addition to the vape tanks, we offer Liquid Gold vape oils, disposable pens, and Liquid Gold vape additive.

Medipets Premium Pet CBD Oils

Don’t forget your pet on 420! Especially if you’re bringing them along for the ride. Events and road trips can be stressful for pets. They could use a little chill themselves. Diamond CBD’s premium, all-natural Medipets CBD-infused hemp oil for pets.

These CBD drops are 100% natural, all-organic, and non-toxic to pets. The product is specifically designed for house pets to help support their overall wellness. Medipets has formulas specifically for cats, small dogs, medium dogs, and, of course, the big dogs.

CBD Gummies!

CBD Gummies are our most popular product. They’re a fun and convenient way to bring some CBD-infused hemp oil along for the ride this weekend. And we recently totally refreshed our line of CBD Gummies. We’ve got a range of potencies and flavors to suit your 420 CBD snacking needs.

Relax Gummies are a little bit less concentrated than our Chill CBD Gummies, but a little beefier than our standard line of CBD gummies. We also now offer Liquid Gold Gummies. These gummies are for the CBD gummy connoisseurs out there—top-of-the-line, extreme-strength CBD gummies. Toss some in your backpack and get out there and enjoy your 420 weekend.