February 27, 2018

An Open Letter To Our Loyal Customers


We here at  Diamond CBD would like to thank you for your loyalty. Your feedback is what helps us to improve the customer experience continuously. The truth is, it takes more than just great products to make a company successful; it takes great people too. That’s why, recently, here at Diamond CBD we began doubling the size of our customer service department. We’ve revamped our rules and processes, all to better serve you, the customer.

From this point forward you can expect better response times, faster shipping, and an all-around enhanced customer service experience. Guaranteed.

We’ve grown thanks tremendously to customers like you, and, without making any excuses, that growth has led to some bumps along the way. But we listened, and we’re continuing to listen to you, and because of that, we’ve implemented some changes to improve the customer service experience. To-date, our new multi-pronged approach has led to:

  • A change in shippers from USPS to UPS, which means a drastic reduction in lost packages, delays, poor tracking, and abysmal transit times,
  • A doubling of the size of our customer support department; we have a new team on board that is quickly coming up to speed and already producing positive results,
  • The implementation of new customer service software; your order information, purchase history, and tracking numbers are right at our fingertips,
  • The publishing of independent, 3rd-party lab results to prove what we already knew, that our products are 100 percent all-natural CBD and contain no synthetics and no illicit substances,
  • Plans to institute new shipping processes; our goal is to ultimately reduce the number of wrong or incomplete shipments sent out,
  • Plans to reach out to you, the customers, especially those who have had issues in the past so we can figure out what went wrong and what we can do to make things better in the future.

But please, don’t think that’s all. Our new philosophy is based on the foundation of continuous improvement. We’re always going to do our best, but we can continually improve. So, please, contact us and let us know what we can do better (and don’t be afraid to tell us what we’re doing right as well!) because the customer experience is nothing without you, the customer.

Diamond CBD is nothing without our customers either.

Thank you for sticking with us.


Diamond CBD