Independent Lab Reports Prove We’re Swimming In Liquid Gold

Posted on February 9, 2018

You already know that Liquid Gold Vape Additive is a premier-branded, top-of-the-line, industrial hemp CBD product and that it’s all-natural. You’ve known for years that it contains no illicit substances and no synthetic cannabinoids. It’s a promise that we’ve always stood by.

But now, to put any doubts to rest (not that you had any) we are proud to offer even further proof for you that Liquid Gold is without a doubt 100% free of illicit substances and contains absolutely no synthetic cannabinoids.

None. Nada. Never has; never will.

Our proof? We sent Liquid Gold Vape Additive to the highly-reputable, completely independent Drug Detection Laboratories, Inc. Independently verified by a third party, you can now rest assured that our products are everything we say they are.

Pure, all-natural industrial hemp CBD. Just like we’ve always promised.

We’re Swimming In Liquid Gold

Made by Diamond CBD, Liquid Gold premier-branded Vape Additive is some of the best CBD product out there today. You’re already familiar with the small, on-the-go bottle ranging in sizes from 12 ml to 16 ml. And you’ve already come to love the benefits our CBD.

Now, you can take any of your favorite vape liquids and add Liquid Gold Vape Additive for a relaxing, smooth, stress-free vape session. The best part is that with an additive, you can extend the life of your favorite vape liquid because you are quite literally adding more.

Liquid Gold Vape Additive has all the benefits of top-quality CBD, perfectly designed around a relaxing vape session.

Putting Rumors To Rest

We’ve told you forever that Liquid Gold Vape Additive contains all-natural industrial hemp CBD.

No illicit substances. No synthetics.

We’ve stood by that promise since the beginning.

The internet being what it is, is full of trolls and people with really nothing better to do but tell stories. Well, we are thrilled to be able to put the rumors to rest finally- and to send those trolls packing - Liquid Gold Vape Additive is, and has always been, officially illicit substance and synthetic free.

Check it out for yourself.

AB-PINACA, AB-CHMINACA, even AB-FUBINACA - all not detected. In fact, almost 30 different illicit substances were tested for in Liquid Gold, and the lab found no traces of any.

That’s right, spread the word.

We’ve told you for a long time now that our products contained only all-natural CBD. Now someone else has verified it for us.

Help us put those rumors to rest. Let us know if you see some misinformation somewhere on the web, so we can be sure to spread the truth.