How To Celebrate The 4th With These CBD Oil Products

Posted on July 2, 2018
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CBD Oil for Independence Day? That’s right! CBD Oil can help you celebrate July 4th just like Ben Franklin did. Don't you believe us? Well, it’s true! Old lightning bolts himself loved nothing more than a bottle of Strawberry Flavor CBD oil to help celebrate his freedom.

Okay, so maybe we need to consult the history books on that one. Anyway, Here’s how you can celebrate the 4th with these CBD oil products:

CBD Vape Pens

Could there possibly be a more refreshing way to enjoy CBD oil on the 4th than with a good CBD vape pen? We think not. Diamond CBD carries an extra cool line of Chong’s Choice, CBD vape pens. Imagine all the fun you’ll have enjoying a velvety vaping experience while you and your friends rattle off lines from Cheech and Chong movies. Or you might prefer our top-of-the-line Liquid Gold vape pens. Either way, you’re chillin’.

CBD Honey Sticks

Independence Day is no time to be sitting at home on the couch eating PB&J’s. It’s a day to get out there and have some summer fun (with CBD oil, of course)! And since you won’t be within stumbling distance of your fridge, you’re going to want to pack some food for your fun. How about taking along some CBD Honey Sticks? These sweet treats not only contain CBD to help you cruise through your day with no stress, but they also pack tons of fast-acting energy. Having a party? Why not grab a 100 pack?

Yum Yum Gummy Bears

The only thing as good as CBD oil is CBD edibles. We’ve got a brand new line of super-strength and extra-delicious CBD gummies. We call them Yum Yum Gummies, and you will too. Aside from being delicious, they’re great for an occasional infusion of chill throughout the day. They’re portable and fun to eat and come in a variety of shapes and flavors.  Just pop a couple in your mouth from time to time whenever you need a little attitude adjustment. Or maybe you like the idea mentioned above of rattling off lines from Cheech and Chong movies while you chill? If so, then Tommy’s line of Chong’s Choice Gummies might be just the thing to incite such merriment. We stock at least another dozen brands of CBD gummies, so you might want to get hopping on the shopping.

CBD Fatty Herbs

And don’t forget your CBD oil for when the fireworks go off! Wouldn’t you just love to torch up a nice fireworks fatty? Grab yourself some Diamond CBD Fatty Loose Herbs! Fatty herbs are made with our blend of 100 percent natural dried Indian and Himalayan herbs infused with our purest, highest quality extreme-strength CBD and terpenes. Fatty Loose Herbs are perfectly shredded for rolling and comes in a big 10-gram jar. With a lid. They’re available in a variety of your favorite flower flavors including Gorilla OG, Sour Diesel, Purple Haze and more. Maybe try the Purple Haze while you sing along with Jimi Hendrix rendition of our National Anthem. (Send us a video of that.)

A Veritable Cornucopia of CBD Oils

So what if cornucopias are for Thanksgiving! Celebrate your independence by choosing any one of our virtual cornucopia of flavored and unflavored CBD oils. If you click on this link and then the “>>” link at the bottom of the page, you’ll see that we have a whopping 38 pages of CBD oil products. We’ve got our own Diamond brand CBD Oils, Relax Extreme CBD Oil, Blue CBD Isolate, Meds Biotech CBD Oil, Daily Boost CBD Oil, and, of course, Chong’s Choice CBD Oil. And if you’re out there on the football or softball field working up a sweat, this Fourth maybe bring along some LT Painmaster CBD Oil.

There you have it, good citizens. Now, just like Ben Franklin did, enjoy the CBD oil! (Okay, we’re still checking the books on that one!)