January 12, 2018

A Beginner's Guide To Diamond CBD Vaping

So you’re thinking of getting into vaping and want to include a little CBD to spice up your juice? Here are a few tips that will help you get started.

The first thing you need to know about vaping is - what is vaping? Vape is short for vaporizer. A vaporizer is a device that heats up vape oil transforming the liquid into - you guessed it - a vapor. The vapor enters your bloodstream via your lungs, just like the oxygen you breathe.

There’s no smoke in vapor - if you’re doing it right. Vaporizers should not burn the oil. For this reason alone, assuming you’re using good vape oil, vaping is far safer for your lungs than smoking.

There are a variety of types of vaporizers, but for beginner purposes, we’re just going to talk about “vape pens.” Vape pens are convenient handheld devices you use just like a cigarette.

Disposable vape pens

There are two kinds of vape pens in this world - the ones that you can refill, and the disposable ones you use and throw away when they’re spent. If you’re not really sure you’re going to be a hardcore vaper, it’s probably a good idea to get started with a disposable vape pen such as Diamond CBD’s line of Liquid Gold vape pens, CBD Re-Leaf pens, or the super popular Chong’s Choice disposable pens.

Disposable pens are designed to plug and play - so to speak. There’s no mechanism to learn, no button to press. You just pop it in your mouth and suck on it like a straw to inhale the vapor.

Disposable vape cartridges

The next step up from the disposable pen is the disposable vape juice cartridge. These little tanks are prefilled with your favorite CBD oil mixture, and they screw right onto a standard vape pen battery. Screw it on, vape away, and when it’s done you toss the tank and screw on a new one. The beauty of that is that there’s no mess and no need to stock little bottles of oil and tiny funnels to refill the tanks. Check out these Liquid Gold CBD vape tanks if you’re interested in this option.

Refillable vape pens

When you get a little more used to the process, if you decided vaping is something you like and want to continue doing, you might want to get yourself a fancy dancy refillable vape pen. The benefit of a refillable pen is you can get creative with the mixture. You can use your own vape oils and flavors and mix in some CBD vape additive such as our standby line of Diamond CBD vape additive, our premium line of Liquid Gold CBD Vape Additives. There’s also our powerful line of Blue CBD Crystals Isolate which can be used as a vape additive, and our ever-popular Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive.

If you want to use your own vape pen, but still make it easy on yourself, you can go with a straight-up CBD vape oil refill. There’s no mixing needed. Everything you need is right there in the bottle - the oil base, the CBD, and some delicious flavorings.

Any questions?

If you have any deep, philosophical questions - or even just easy little ones - about our vape products feel free to reach out to our customer support team at support@diamondcbd.com. The team can answer any questions you might have so that you can make the right choice.