5 Great CBD Gifts For Your Valentine

Posted on January 24, 2018

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Or are you one of those lousy lovebirds who procrastinates until the last minute and then scrambles to find a card, some wilted flowers and a box of stale chocolate? Or maybe you like to plan ahead, but you’re not the think-outside-the-chocolate-box type? No matter what kind of Valentine’s Day giver you are, we’ve got a few ideas to help you get some sugar from your baby. They are all based around one premise: There’s no better way to show your love than to do it by showing that you care about your love’s health and wellbeing. That makes CBD a fab gift idea.

1. CBD Honey Sticks

What better way to say, “I think you’re sweet,” to your honey than with CBD Honey Sticks, right? I mean c’mon. You can’t be much more sweet than honey. You can get a little, or you can get A LOT! If you really wanna score some, ah, points, check out our CBD Honey Sticks 100 pack. They will remind your lover how much you appreciate their sweetness every single day for months to come.

2. CBD Cake Pops

Our CBD cake pops are totes adorbs. There’s frosted with a rainbow of brightly colored icing and spotted with sweet little sprinkles. A basket full of cake pops will surely get you some serious brownie points (or at least get you out of the doghouse). Flowers-shmowers. Get her a bouquet of cake pops!

3. CBD Chocolates

Chocolate is the old-standby for Valentine's Day. But anyone can give a plain old box of regular chocolates. If you really want some sugar, get him or her some CBD chocolates. Tom gave Mary Jane a box of regular old chocolates, but Harry gave her CBD chocolates. Who do you think got his Mary Jane on Valentine's Day? Right. Harry. Because Harry knows that Diamond CBD chocolates come in Choco Peanut Butter and Choco Nut varieties.

4. CBD Gummy Bears

Is your hunny bunny the anxious type? Nothing says “chill out” like our Chill Gummies. Aside from being amazingly charming, they’re great for folks who need some chill infusion throughout the day. They’re portable and easy to use and they come in a variety of shapes and colors.  Just pop a couple in your mouth from time to time whenever you need a little attitude adjustment. If you want to go all the way, go for our new, more chilling, Chill Plus gummy line. Chill gummies also go great with Netflix. (See what I did there?) If your beau or jo is into Cheech and Chong you also might consider our Chong’s Choice CBD gummies. (If you want to get a good laugh go with the Relax Gummy Worms.)

5. CBD Vape Pen

Could there possibly be a cooler Valentine’s Day gift than a set of CBD vape pens? We think not. Give her (or him) some gold on Valentines Day! Our Liquid Gold vape pens are right off the top shelf. Tommy Chong, of course, would prefer that you buy his vape pen line.

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day, we hope it includes a little Diamond CBD - not just because we want to sell more CBD, but because we truly want our customers to get lucky.

And remember, guys - Diamond is a girl’s best friend!