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One My Favs!!!! Last a long time and I love the euphoric feel. Calms me down and puts me in chill mode.
One My Favs!!!! Last a long time and I love the euphoric feel. Calms me down and puts me in chill mode
Wow! Love it! See you later pain; sleeping comfortably. Able to move about with less pain.

Common Questions

THCP Disposable Vape – A Taste of Power

THCP disposable vapes are the holy grail of convenient THCP ingestion. While all of our THCP products will give you the powerful buzz associated with the compound, they’re not all as easy and convenient as THCP disposable vapes.

But before we dive into the specifics of disposable vapes, let’s take a step back and better understand THCP as an active ingredient.

What is THCP?

THCP, short for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabiphoral, is a cousin of delta 9 THC that is present in small concentrations in cannabis. As claimed by the team of researchers that discovered the compound, its endocannabinoid system effects are incredibly similar to those of delta 9. 

The main difference between the two compounds, however, is their potency. Those same researchers found that THCP binds to cannabinoid receptors in our bodies up to 33 times more frequently than THC. What this means for THCP’s potency has not yet been confirmed by scientists, but we know that THCP has the potential to be up to 33 times stronger than its counterpart.

One of the significant differences between THCP and other cannabinoids is its longer alkyl side chain. THC, for example, has a chain of five carbon atoms, while THCP has a chain of seven carbon atoms.

This is likely what makes THCP more effective at binding with CB1 receptors, meaning that compared to delta 9, it takes a much smaller amount of THCP to produce the same psychoactive effects. For comparison, the usual dose of delta 9 is around 10mg. The same psychoactive potency can be achieved using 0.3mg, or 300 micrograms, of THCP!

Is THCP Natural?


THCP is just one of more than 140 phytocannabinoids naturally found in cannabis. Despite this, it only exists in small amounts, meaning that hemp on its own cannot produce enough THCP for everyone.

Some cannabis plants have contents of less than 0.1% THCP organically. For scale, an average marijuana plant contains 25%-30% THC. Hemp must, by law, contain less than 0.3% THC. Marijuana plants contain around 15% CBD concentrations, while hemp plants usually contain around 30% CBD.

This means that even though THCP is a naturally occurring compound, more of it needs to be created by scientists to fit market needs. The compound can be derived from CBD using chemical extractions, and since CBD exists in such large qualities in the plant, hemp is a prime candidate for THCP derivation.

THCP Vaping Benefits

Discovered in 2019 by scientists and introduced in the National Library of Medicine, THCP is still very new to researchers. At this time, no precise studies exist regarding the cannabinoid’s benefits and effects. All we have for now is the observations made by its original discoverers, but this initial evidence remains promising for THCP’s future as a major player in hemp.

Because THCP is so closely related to THC, we can assume that its safety profile isn’t too different from that of delta 9. That said, the scale at which these effects take place is much, much larger.

In other words, THCP will give you the same benefits as THC, but with added power. These benefits include:

  • Relief from discomfort
  • Treatment for sleeplessness
  • Potent psychoactive properties

THCP Vaping Effects

As we previously mentioned, THCP is a newer cannabinoid, so its exact side effects are still unknown. Since it’s so similar to THC in chemical makeup and the way it interacts with our endocannabinoid receptors, we can assume that THCP also shares side effects with delta 9.

These include:

  • Paranoid or anxious thoughts
  • Uneasiness
  • Tiredness
  • Lack of saliva
  • Eye redness
  • Feeling of sickness in the stomach

Because THCP is so much stronger than THC, it’s safe to infer that its side effects are also more potent.

What Are THCP Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes are, as their name suggests, vapes that are not meant to be reused.

THCP disposable vapes are simple to operate. After all, they’re made for convenience! If you’ve vaped any sort of disposable vape before, you already know how this goes. If not, here’s a quick breakdown of the components that make up a disposable vape.

  • Tank: The prefilled chamber that holds your pen’s THCP oil.
  • Atomizer: This element of your vape is designed to reach hot temperatures without burning your oil, turning it into inhalable vapor instead.
  • Battery: A pre-charged unit that powers the atomizer and allows it to heat up the oil and turn it to vapor. 
  • Mouthpiece: This is the area where you place your mouth and inhale.

A common misconception about disposable vapes is that, because both the battery and juice and pre-filled and non-reusable, you’re leaving something on the table once that battery light blinks.

Disposable vapes are made with the lifespans of both the battery and tank in mind. This means that they’re designed to run out at roughly the same time. So, if you’ve been on the edge about disposable vapes because of this, don’t worry about it! We’ve got you covered.

How Do THCP Disposable Vapes Work?

Now that you’ve got a rundown of what exactly is inside your disposable vape, you may be wondering how they work. We’ve already told you that the battery powers the atomizer, which in turn vaporizes the THCP oil in your tank, but what happens next?

Well, you inhale it through your mouth and into your lungs. From there, the THCP is absorbed into your blood stream via your lungs. It could take up to 10 minutes for the effects to kick in, but it can take as little as two!

In contrast to other ingestion methods, vaping THCP is the fastest way to feel the compound’s buzz.

Benefits of THCP Disposable Vapes vs. Carts

Another fantastic way of getting the buzzy benefits of THCP are carts. They are, in essence, the refillable and rechargeable counterparts to THCP disposable vapes.

Whether you opt for THCP carts or a THCP disposable vape largely depends on your lifestyle. While they are both great, portable options to vape THCP, they do have some key differences that might determine which one could be right for you.

THCP disposable vapes are made for ease and convenience. It’s as simple as using your vape until it runs out of battery and then coming back for a new one. There’s no charging, no refilling, no inconveniences. They still pack a powerful, long-lasting punch without the need for extra steps.

THCP carts, on the other hand, demand a little bit more attention. With carts, the battery is a separate unit than the actual cartridge, so you can just unscrew your empty cart and screw on a new one and keep the same battery.

This method is great for those people who love to vape but don’t feel too good about disposing of lithium batteries almost constantly. Additionally, investing in a good battery and taking good care of it means that you can use the same one for years, and you don’t have to stick to just THCP. Batteries and carts are usually universal, meaning that you can pop in an HHC cart, delta 8 cart, delta 10 cart, or whatever other compound you may want to try.

The hassle comes, however, in the charging. Once your disposable runs out of battery, that’s the end of the story: all you need to do is come right back to Diamond for seconds and thirds. With cartridges, however, you need to plug in your battery for a few hours to let it recharge.

If you don’t have time to constantly recharge your vape, or you simply don’t want to wait for it to charge for a few hours, disposable vapes are for you. If you’re in it for the long haul and want something more permanent and eco-friendlier, however, you might prefer THCP carts.

Final Thoughts on THCP Disposable Vapes

THCP disposable vapes are among the most convenient, fastest-acting way to buzz with this potent cannabinoid. Simple and safe to use, extremely user-friendly, and hassle-free, these products are the perfect way to enjoy THCP.

What are you waiting for? Taste the power of THCP with our disposable vapes today!