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Shop for Delta 9 THCH Disposable Vapes,  potent cannabis vape pens legally for sale. Smooth and euphoric, these disposable vape pens offer a powerful buzz.
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Desire Blend Vape Pen - THCH, Delta 11 - Disposable - 1580MG - Mellow Fellow

Desire Blend Vape Pen - THCH, Delta 11 - Disposable - 1580MG - Mellow Fellow

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White Buffalo Vape Pen - THCH - Disposable - Fresh - 1800mg

White Buffalo Vape Pen - THCH - Disposable - Fresh - 1800mg


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Common Questions

Delta 9 THCH Disposable Vapes: A Big Vape Pen Buzz Multiplied by 25

All-natural, hemp-derived Delta 9 THCH is popular on the consumer market because it’s legal. Sure, that does help. But mostly, it’s popular because it’s the second most potent cannabinoid ever discovered. Although it’s pretty new — delta 9 THCH was only found in 2020 — the compound already has millions of fans. They enjoy the fact that they can experience the intense benefits of a cannabinoid like cannabis but on a whole new level. And these days, more than a few delta 9 thch fanatics will tell you that vaping is their preferred method for enjoying these benefits. As it stands, delta 9 THCH disposable vapes are among the most popular products sold. 

But why would someone want to vape delta 9 THCH? Why not simply use oils or ingest an edible? And what exactly are delta 9 THCH disposable vapes? You’re probably looking for answers. We’ve got them! Well, you’ve come to the correct place.

What Is Delta 9 THCH?

Delta 9 THCH is a relatively new cannabinoid, especially compared to others with which you're more familiar. So, you’re probably wondering what the heck it is. What is Delta 9 THCH? Like many other compounds, it is a natural, hemp-derived cannabinoid found in hemp plants. Its popularity has grown since Congress passed the Farm Bill in 2018, legalizing hemp and its derivative products.

But delta 9 THCH products are unique because researchers only discovered its existence a few years ago. A team in Italy — the same scientists that found THCP — discovered it. As it’s very new, we don't have much information about it. Luckily, the researchers who found THCH were thorough (these are the same scientists who discovered and researched THCP only a year earlier after all!), and their initial study gave us a decent starting point for understanding this compound.

For example, when it comes to delta 9 THCH, we know the following:

  • Delta 9 THCH is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp.
  • Like others, it is only found in small quantities.
  • Also, like others, manufacturers must use chemical conversion to turn delta 8 and delta 9 into delta 9 THCH for the consumer market. 
  • Delta 9 THCH is 25 times stronger than cannabis.
  • It is the second most potent cannabinoid ever discovered.

How do Delta-9 THCH Disposable Vapes Work?

By now, many of you may be familiar with vape pens, the small, discreet vaping devices prevalent among consumers across the country. These products are pre-filled with nicotine or THC juices and work with the push of a button. Over the past few years, vape pen technology has evolved immensely, allowing such products to corner the market. As you would expect, Delta 9 THCH disposable vapes are vape pens filled with the aforementioned cannabinoid — and they’re disposable.

How Do I Use a Delta 9 THCH Disposable Vape?

THCH Disposable Vapes come pre-filled with your favorite flavor of vape juice. What’s great about these devices, especially for beginners, is that they are incredibly convenient. As we just noted, they come pre-filled with your favorite juice. But they also include a fully charged battery, allowing users to begin vaping them right out of the box. The best part? When you’re done with one, you toss it in the trash and move on to a new pen. 

Reputable retailers offer a variety of disposable vapes, often in various strains, such as Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, and Wedding Cake, to name a few.

How Do Delta 9 THCH Disposable Vapes Compare to Delta 9 THC

Both delta 9 THCH and delta 9 THC disposable vape products offer users many of the same benefits, though at different potency levels. Each product can be expected to give consumers a warm body high and cerebral head buzz. With vape pens, users can expect those effects to come on immediately. However, the high from a delta 9 THCH disposable vape pen will feel over 20 times more potent. 

Comparing the Benefits of Delta 9 THCH Disposable Vapes and Delta 9 THC

Both compounds also offer more than euphoric highs when consumed. Since they are almost identical, users can expect other similar benefits, including analgesic effects, sleepiness, appetite stimulation, etc. Similarly, both might produce dry mouth, red eyes, paranoia, and anxiety. Everything will be much more intense with delta 9 THCH but only because of slight differences. What makes delta 9 THCH disposable vapes so different from delta 9 THC? A few molecules. 

To understand their differences, review the following:

  • Delta 9 THC-H is a homolog, delta 9 THC, meaning their molecules are identical.
  • Those molecules are shaped differently within each compound.
  • Because of those slight differences, each has similar effects with varying potency.
  • For example, delta 9 THCH is known to have six carbons on its alkyl sidechain.
  • Delta 9 THC has five carbons on its alkyl sidechain.
  • That’s why delta 9 THCH is 25x more potent than cannabis.

What Are the Benefits of Delta-9 THCH Disposable Vapes vs. Carts?

Delta 9 THCH disposable vapes are great, but what about carts? What’s the benefit of one over the other? THCH is the super-intoxicating cousin of THC that offers users a whole host of other benefits. People praise this hemp-derived cannabinoid for its ability to help with sleep, stress, mood, and much more. Yet there are so many ways to experience its benefits — gummies, dabs, drinks, oils — many consumers ask, “are delta 9 THCH disposable vapes right for me?”

It’s a personal question that each user has to determine for themselves. What we can tell you is that there are two ways to use THCH vapes that everyone constantly debates, which are as follows: 

  • Delta 9 THCH Disposable Vapes (Vape Pens)
  • Delta 9 THCH Carts

What’s the difference between the two? We’re glad you asked! Disposable Vapes are the ultimate beginner’s tool. They’re pre-filled with a battery, and you can use them right out of the box. Delta 9 THCH Cartridges.

On the other hand, it takes a little more work. You need a 510-compatible battery, which is a small investment. It’s a reusable vape device in a way that the vape pen is not. 

Here’s a comparison of the two:

Delta-9 THCH Disposable Vapes vs. Carts


Delta 9 THCH Disposable Vape

Delta 9 THCH Cart


Basic, small, meant to be thrown away.

Complex, includes battery, atomizer, cart, oil chamber.


Easy to use right out of the box.

Takes getting used to, but heats up oil better for smoother taste.

Environmental Impact

Not great. Throwing out batteries with every use.

Better. Throw out carts but not battery.


Less money short term.

Less money long term.

How Do Delta 9 THCH Disposable Vapes Compare to Other Cannabinoids?

Delta 9 THCH disposable vapes are super potent. Their potency is so incredibly high that there aren’t too many other compounds or products in the cannabis world that are stronger. How does THCH compare to other cannabinoids like CBD, delta 9, delta 8, and HHC? When I use a THCH disposable vape, do I know I’m getting one of the most potent products available? Why should I choose one over the other?

Take a look at the table below for more information:

How Do Delta 9 THCH Disposable Vapes Compare to Other Cannabinoids?



Top Products


(vs. Delta 9)




Disposable Vapes, Carts


The STRONGEST cannabinoid ever discovered.


Delta 9 THCH

Disposable Vapes, Carts


The SECOND STRONGEST cannabinoid discovered.


Delta 11

Disposable Vapes, Carts


An EXTREMELY STRONG cannabinoid.



Disposable Vapes, Carts


A VERY STRONG cannabinoid.


Delta 9 THC

Flower, Edibles


A STRONG cannabinoid.



Edibles, Disposable Vapes, Carts




Delta 8 

Edibles, Disposable Vapes, Carts


A MILD cannabinoid.


Delta 10

Edibles, Disposable Vapes, Carts

50 - 65% LESS POTENT

A VERY MILD cannabinoid.



Edibles, Capsules

75 - 80% LESS POTENT

A WEAK cannabinoid, rarely used for a buzz.



Edibles, Oils



A COMPLEMENTARY cannabinoid that can create BALANCE.



Edibles, Oils



A COUNTERACTIVE cannabinoid that can help you COME DOWN.

Delta 9 THCH Disposable Vapes: Some Final Thoughts Before You Go

Delta 9 THCH is one of the most potent, intense, and powerful cannabinoid products on the legal cannabis market. It's one of the most fascinating new cannabinoids to hit the scene in a long time. And with delta 9 THCH disposable vapes, you get a pretty remarkable and unexpectedly robust high. 

Consumers have many options when shopping for disposable vapes, including some decent blends. Although these products are new, the selection is growing bigger every day. Retailers like Diamond CBD have an excellent selection of products from which you can choose. But with delta 9 THCH vape pens, you can experience something that will sly you to the moon.

If you’re looking for a different cannabinoid experience, try delta 9 THCH disposable vapes. They’re fast-acting, exciting, and a total buzz! You’ll be happy that you did! 

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