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For individuals who want to get off the sidelines and back into the game, there are products that help relieve your body. Feel relief from pain and sore muscles!


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Lawrence Taylor - Pain Master CBD Cream - 1000mg

Massge Therapist.. Alwats looking for product that truly works!! This is That!!! recommend to my clients and Family members.. I’ve been using it daily for wrist hygiene!! And every where else my body...

CBD Oil Biotech Cream - 10,000mg

This cream works very well. What I’ve discovered is the high the cbd level the more effective it is. It is not cheap. But sales help.

Urgent CBD Pain Relief Roll-On - 3000mg

A.S. I purchased this roll on just to give a try. It happens that is the best pain relievers that I have purchased in the last five years. Since I started using it I have not taken an ibuprofen or...

CBD Oil Biotech Cream - 1000mg

The 500 mg I had was yellowish in color and 1000 is white- also 500 stings and stronger one does not? Should be the opposite?

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